Go Commentary: Akiyama Jiro vs Iyama Yuta – 39th Tengen


This is game 3 of the 39th Tengen final, which was played on November 28. After this Tengen victory and his successful December 2 defense of the Oza, Iyama is on track to challenge Yuki Satoshi for the Judan and to complete the Japanese grand slam of Go in 2014…

Weekly Go problems: Week 108


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: This is a shape which will come up again and again in your games. Intermediate Go problem: Don’t try to win every fight. Focus on the ones that matter instead. Hard Go problem: You don’t always have to win the capturing race to succeed…

Lee Sedol vs Gu Li showdown scheduled for 2014 – MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango


The dates for the much anticipated jubango between Lee Sedol and Gu Li have been announced, and the match will start in January 2014. The official launch of the match was held on November 24, 2013, at the Conrad Hotel in Beijing, China. A jubango is a 10 game match between two noteworthy players…

No longer underdogs: Zhou Ruiyang and Tuo Jiaxi fight their way to 18th LG Cup final


The semifinals of the 18th LG Cup were played on November 13, 2013, at the Paradise Hotel in Incheon, Korea. Zhou Ruiyang 9p defeated Chen Yaoye 9p and Tuo Jiaxi 3p defeated Li Zhe to proceed to the final. Both of them are in very good form these days, so it’s hard to predict who will have the advantage in the final…

Weekly Go problems: Week 107


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: It’s important to be able to see which stones are important… Intermediate Go problem: When you find yourself in a tight position, you should look for forcing moves… Hard Go problem: When playing to kill, start reading by trying to narrow a group’s eyespace…

Lee Sedol and Tang Weixing to meet in 2013 Samsung Cup final


The semifinals of the 2013 Samsung Cup were played on November 4, 6, and 7, at the Samsung Training Institute, in Daejeon, Korea. Lee Sedol 9p defeated Wu Guangya 6p by resignation, after 152 moves, and proceeded to the final after winning 2-1. Meanwhile, Tang Weixing 3p defeated Shi Yue 9p by 2.5 points…

Iyama Yuta completes Japanese trifecta with 38th Meijin victory


Iyama Yuta, the strongest Go player in Japan, completed his trifecta of the big three Japanese titles by winning the 38th Meijin on October 17, 2013. When the final game finished, Iyama Yuta had defeated Yamashita Keigo by 4.5 points…

Go Commentary: Park Junghwan vs Shi Yue – 2013 Samsung Cup – Quarter Finals

Shi Yue 9 dan at the 2013 Samsung Cup.

This game was played between Shi Yue and Park Junghwan, in the quarter finals of the 2013 Samsung Cup, on October 10, 2013. Park Junghwan is currently ranked #1 in Korea. He’s very good at fighting. Shi Yue is currently ranked #3 in China. He seems to like playing a thick and solid game…

Weekly Go problems: Week 106


Here are weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Capturing stones isn’t always best. Intermediate Go problem: You need to consider your own liberties, as well as white’s. Hard Go problem: Move order is fundamental in Go.

Good news for Korea at last: 2013 Samsung Cup – Round of 16


The round of 16 of the 2013 Samsung Cup was played on October 8, 2013. Four players from China and four from Korea progressed through to the quarter finals. As a result, it’s very likely that the sponsor, Samsung, will arrange four China vs Korea matches for the quarter finals…