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David likes teaching, learning, playing and writing about the game Go. He's taught hundreds of people to play Go, including many children at schools in Australia. In 2010 David was the Australian representative at the 31st World Amateur Go Championships. He's a 5 dan amateur Go player and is the editor of Go Game Guru. You can find David on Google+ and follow Go Game Guru on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Another couplet for Lee Sedol: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol jubango – Game 6


Lee Sedol extended his lead against Gu Li to 4:2, when he won game 6 of their 10 game match on July 27, 2014. Once again, Gu Li’s skill in the opening gained him an early lead and the game favored Black after 27 moves…

Lee Sedol vs Gu Li Jubango resumes this weekend – Game 6


The World Cup is over and the MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango resumes this weekend! If you’re following the 10 game match between Gu Li 9p and Lee Sedol 9p, don’t miss game 6. Lee Sedol currently leads the match 3-2 after breaking his losing streak against Gu Li in game 5…

Weekly Go problems: Week 122


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: You shouldn’t always be satisfied with small gains. Intermediate Go problem: What’s the best endgame move for Black? Hard Go problem: You need to get to the vital point quickly…

Weekly Go problems: Week 121


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Do you know how Black should resolve things in the corner? Intermediate Go problem: This is the continuation of a common joseki… Hard Go problem: This problem was sent to us by Go Game Guru reader Edmund Shaw…

How you can be a part of the world’s biggest Go event: Introducing Learn Go Week

Simultaneous games in Japan.

Imagine thousands of people around the world all doing something on the same day. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Isn’t that something that would get your attention? Now what if that thing was Go?

Weekly Go problems: Week 120


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: When your groups are solid enough, even relatively thin looking moves can work. Intermediate Go problem: Never stop reading just because a stone is in atari. Hard Go problem: This sort of double ladder problem is very hard to solve in an actual game…

Weekly Go problems: Week 119


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Simple moves are often best in Go. Intermediate Go problem: When neither player’s group is in immediate danger, the contest revolves around shape, potential and sente. Hard Go problem: Sometimes very quiet moves can be deadly…

Lee Sedol strikes twice! Quadruple ko in the Chinese A League


Lee Sedol was involved in another quadruple ko on June 5, 2014. This time in a game with Jiang Weijie, in the Chinese A League. The referee declared the game a draw at move 276 and an immediate rematch took place…

Google celebrates Honinbo Shusaku’s 185th birthday


It’s not every day that our favorite game appears on the homepage of the world’s most popular search engine, but today is Honinbo Shusaku’s 185th birthday! Google celebrated the occasion by changing their logo to a drawing of Shusaku with Go stones spelling out the word ‘Google’…

Weekly Go problems: Week 118


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: This problem looks suspiciously similar to last week’s easy problem… Intermediate Go problem: This situation has probably appeared in some of your games… Hard Go problem: Always remember that your opponent’s key point is your own…