Go Commentary: Baoxiang Bai vs Hironori Hirata – 32nd WAGC 2011

This is a commentary of a top game from the 32nd World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) in Japan.

commented go game Bai Hirata t picture

Baoxiang Bai (left, 20 years old) and Hironori Hirata (84 years old)

Bai (China) is a 20 year old young guy, and Hirata (Japan) is 84. Hirata used to be one of the four great amateur players in Japan, and his playing is still very keen even though he’s very old now.

After Bai won this game, he swept all 8 of his games and won the tournament. Hirata’s score was 6-2 after losing this game, and he was ranked in 5th place. However, it’s still amazing as he is 84 years old. I can’t imagine how he can play so beautifully at his age.

Game Commentary: Baoxiang Bai vs Hironori Hirata – 32nd World Amateur Go Championship

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  1. Flandre says:

    Nice game and commentary.

  2. DanielTom says:

    Hirata can play nice openings/shapes, but he had no chance against such a strong fighter… I guess one of the most exciting games was Korea vs. China, where Choi won by 3,5 points. Personally I enjoyed watching all the games played by Debarre…
    Thanks for the game commentary, An, you’re a great teacher!

  3. Very instructive commentary! Thanks!

  4. An Younggil,

    I’ve read all of the commentaries that you’ve posted on this site, and I’m a big fan! You make it much easier to appreciate the games, and you do a great job explaining puzzling situations. Keep up the great work!

  5. An Younggil 8p says:

    Thanks for all of your warm and kind words.
    I’d be very happy if my commentary is enjoyable and helpful!
    I’ll keep up and try to do it better :D

  6. Your comment on move 58 is really nice. Checking out the sequences in the corner I think I understand the shoulder hit. “Ambiguous” is a nice way to put it.

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