Weekly Go problems: Week 79


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: It might be hard to see it, but black can play a devastating tesuji here. Intermediate Go problem: There’s still some life in black’s two corner stones… Hard Go problem: In real games, the kind of life you negotiate can be almost as important as whether you can find a way to live at all.

Weekly Go problems: Week 78


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: It’s important not to stop reading when you get to an atari or a capturing move. Intermediate Go problem: When you’re trying to setup a shortage of liberties, your move order is critically important. Hard Go problem: There are many times when the monkey jump proves to be a weak attacking move…

Weekly Go problems: Week 77


Happy Valentine’s Day! This problem is heavily based on a similar one that was originally composed by Nakayama Noriyuki 6p – a master of ladder problems. Have fun!

Classic Go Games: Yasui Chitetsu vs Honinbo Dosaku – Castle Game

Castle Game: Yasui Chitetsu vs Honinbo Dosaku.

This is a castle game between Honinbo Dosaku and Yasui Chitetsu from early Edo period Japan (17th century). Dosaku was acknowledged as having been stronger than practically all of his contemporaries, and was later referred to as a Kisei (Go Saint) along with Honinbo Shusaku.

Weekly Go problems: Week 76


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: You need to count liberties here and compare two options. Intermediate Go problem: Once you’ve cut, you need to develop your cutting stones in the center… Hard Go problem: This is more or less a pure reading problem.

Weekly Go problems: Week 75


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Making two eyes is basically about separating your eyespace into two distinct pieces. Intermediate Go problem: This looks like a textbook style tesuji problem… Hard Go problem:
The ABCs of capturing races are ‘Always Be Counting’…

Go Commentary: Shin Jinseo vs Lee Changho – Prodigies vs Top Pros


In early January 2013 some exhibition matches between three of Korea’s top players and the three young talented players were held. This is the first game between Lee Changho 9p and Shin Jinseo 1p. Lee Changho is currently ranked #13 in Korea, but many fans still recall the time when he was invincible…

Weekly Go problems: Week 74


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: If you can create a situation where your liberties can’t be reduced in one move, that can be as good as having one extra liberty. Intermediate Go problem: How can you gain tempo and play on both sides? Hard Go problem: This problem is all about liberties…

Go Commentary: Hans Pietsch vs Yoda Norimoto – 1st LG Cup

Hans Pietsch.

This is a game from 1997 between Hans Pietsch and Yoda Norimoto, from the 1st LG Cup. Hans Pietsch was a German Go player who became a professional at the Nihon Kiin in 1997. That year, while still a 1 dan professional, Hans defeated Yoda Norimoto in the 1st LG Cup in Korea.

Weekly Go problems: Week 73


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: There’s a vital point in black’s shape that should jump out to you here. Intermediate Go problem: Focus on what you can practically expect from each stone. Hard Go problem: There’s a blindingly obvious tactic here, but…