A year of Go in photos 2012-13

Throughout the year, we see a lot of Go photos.

And sometimes, when we see something funny, clever or interesting, we save a copy to share with you!

Here are some of our favorite photos, which we’ve seen on the internet over the last year or so. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

Go in Japan 550x365 picture

Ultimate simultaneous Go in Japan.

Baduk in Korea picture

Getting your priorities right in Korea.

Baduk in a truck picture

Travel Go?

Go in the Park picture

Relaxing in the Park.

Hei Jiajia vs Bai Jiajia 550x366 picture

Joanne Missingham: Hei Jiajia vs ‘Bai’ Jiajia

Lee Jaewoong Kim Donghee Park Younghun Won Seongjin at Choi Cheolhan wedding 550x346 picture

Back Street’s Back: Lee Jaewoong, Kim Donghee, Park Younghun and Won Seongjin get their band together for Choi Cheolhan and Yun Jihee’s wedding.

Choi Cheolhan wedding 550x1106 picture

The fun continues at Choi and Yun’s wedding.

Hikaru Sai Lego Go 550x412 picture

Lego Go! Hikaru plays Sai.

Master Tenuki picture

Master Tenuki from the webcomic Aji’s Quest.

How do I eat this Choi Jung Kim Hyemin Park Jieun 2nd Huanglongshi Cup 550x365 picture

Kim Hyemin, “How do we eat this?” with Choi Jung (left) and Park Jieun (right) at the 2nd Huang Longshi Cup.

Final 5 13th Nongshim Cup picture

Xie He takes on Kim Jiseok at the 13th Nongshim Cup.

Lee Sedol Park Junghwan 17th GS Caltex Cup 550x346 picture

In a rare moment, Park Junghwan gets totally served.

Michelangelo The Creation of Adam Go Game picture

The Creation of Go?

Chen Yaoye appealing to Rolex for sponsorship picture

Chen Yaoye does product placement for Rolex (no, not really).

Cho Chikun Lee Sedol 550x366 picture

Cho Chikun and Lee Sedol review a game together (either that or they’re looking at cats on the internet).

All eyes on Lee Sedol 17th LG Cup 550x344 picture

But what does Lee Sedol think?

Jing Hyemin Yunyoung 550x412 picture

Kim Hyemin and Kim Yunyoung visit Go Game Guru headquarters (photo not representative of actual headquarters :)).


About Jing

Jing likes writing, and can occasionally be convinced to play a game of Go. Although she doesn't play Go as often as she once did, she still enjoys following the professional Go scene and writing about it on Go Game Guru. You can find Jing on Google+ and follow Go Game Guru on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.


  1. Great article , thank you jing.

  2. Love this! Thank you. :-)

  3. yeah! cool :)

  4. Cool Compilation! Especially liked the Back Street photos :)

  5. hahaha nice pictures (and captions)!!! :D

  6. The Joanne Missingham photo and “relaxing in the park” are my favourites. The caption for Lee Sedol and Cho Chikun is great :) Wonderful photos!

  7. Nice fun article with great pics :)

  8. where does simultaneous igo take place in japan? i want to “go!” ;)

  9. “How do we eat this?” Being a Go professional does not make you a life expert ;-)
    I prefer the second picture. Live Go everywhere, everytime.

  10. awesome pictures! :D

  11. Glad everyone liked the photos. :)

    I do worry about that fire in photo 2 though!

  12. I never noticed the go board In Michael Angelo’s Creation of Adam before.

  13. alvedeguz says:

    who is “Bai” Jia Jia?

    • David Ormerod says:

      Joanne’s Chinese name is 黑嘉嘉 (Hei Jiajia). Hei (黑) means black and bai (白) means white. It’s a play on words with the colors of the pieces and the two different outfits Joanne’s wearing in the picture.

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