Won Seongjin wins 16th Samsung Cup!


At long last, on December 5, 2011, China’s Gu Li (9p) and Korea’s Won Seongjin (9p) met in Shanghai to decide the winner of the 16th Samsung Cup. On December 7, 2011, Won defeated Gu 2-1, taking the 16th Samsung Cup and winning his first major international title.

Jiang Weijie wins 24th Mingren


While Japan has already crowned its Meijin for 2011, the 39th Myeongin continues and 24th Mingren concluded this week, with Jiang Weijie (5p) defeating Kong Jie (9p) in five games. Here’s where things stand as of December 1, 2011.

16th LG Cup: Stage set for Lee Changho and Jiang Weijie in the final


On November 23, 2011, Lee Changho (9p) of Korea delighted his fans by defeating China’s Xie He (7p), for a chance to win his 5th LG Cup. On the other semi final board, Jiang Weijie (5p) of China repeated his recent Fujitsu Cup win over Korea’s Kim Jiseok (7p), storming his way into the final. This sets up an interesting Lee Changho vs Jiang Weijie final…

16th LG Cup quarter final results


On November 21, 2011, the quarter finals of the 16th LG Cup took place in Beijing, China. Lee Changho, Xie He, Kim Jiseok and Jiang Weijie will advance to the finals after defeating Chen Shiyuan, Heo Youngho, Qiu Jun and Won Seongjin respectively. The semi finals will be played in Beijing on November 23.

What will the Go server of the future look like?


This is a guest article by Gabriel Benmergui of Kaya.gs: “I could never imagine that in the year 2050 we would still be using what we know today. So I started wondering, what features would the Go server of the future have and what would it look like?… The next generation of Go servers has to be undisputably different…”

Cho Hanseung wins 55th Kuksu in Korea

Cho Hanseung (featured image).

On November 16, 2011, the 55th Kuksu ended in Korea, with Cho Hanseung (9p) winning his first Kuksu title over defending champion Choi Cheolhan (9p). The Kuksu is a domestic title tournament in Korea. Choi, was the defending title holder and also a past title holder. However, Cho, who gained an early finish from military service based on his Go performance, was certainly a dark horse.

Richard Bozulich: Alive and well after all!

Richard Bozulich. Photo by John Pinkerton.

Recent reports of Richard Bozulich’s death have, as Mark Twain once said, been greatly exaggerated. Earlier this week (5 November, 2011), Go Game Guru published a report that Richard Bozulich had died. Mr Bozulich, founder of the Ishi Press and the Kiseido Publishing Company, is the author, translator or publisher of many popular Go books. He is, in fact, alive and well and this article is being published to correct the misinformation provided earlier.

Takemiya Masaki, Nie Weiping and Cho Hunhyun: History repeats in 2011


On November 5, 2011, three stalwarts of the Go world, Takemiya Masaki (9p) of Japan, Cho Hunhyun (9p) of Korea and Nie Weiping (9p) of China met to face each other in the Chibi Ancient Battlefield Cup. It was like the 1st Ing Cup final in 1989 all over again!

Gu Li to face Won Seongjin in 16th Samsung Cup final


The finalists for the 16th Samsung Cup were decided on November 3, 2011, after Won Seongjing defeated Chen Yaoye 2-1 in their semifinal match. A day earlier, Gu Li proceeded to the final by defeating young Korean star, Na Hyun, in two straight games. Gu Li of China will now face Won Seongjin of Korea in the finals, which will be played in early December 2011.

Yamashita Keigo wins 36th Meijin

Yamashita Keigo is interviewed after winning the 36th Meijin title.

Yamashita Keigo defeated Iyama Yuta to win the 36th Meijin title on October 28, 2011. Yamashita, who was the challenger, took the title from Iyama in 6 games, winning the series 4-2. Iyama Yuta first won the title from Cho U in 2009 and defended it against Takao Shinji in 2010. However, he couldn’t stop Yamashita Keigo, who now holds the Japanese Meijin and Honinbo titles simultaneously.