How to Play Japanese Chess Go Guide?


There are many choices of games that can be played and have quite an exciting sensation. For one of the choices of games that you can play and have a pleasant sensation is the Igo game. This game is also often called the game Igo, Go, Weiki or also Baduk. This choice of game itself is a strategic board game played by 2 players. This game is a game that was once played from China around 2000 BC to 200 AD. This game is even a very popular game in East Asia. There are even some developers who helped make this game into a game that can be accessed easily using the internet.

Chess Go Guide
Almost the same as chess games in general, there are 2 choices of players who will be symbolized by a color, either black or white. These two players will fight each other to protect the territory they control. Players also have to trap the enemy’s stones when they start to infiltrate their area. There are many strategies that must be done to be able to master and win the game. Igo itself is also known as a strategy game that players must have to be able to master the game and win it. Igo will be played using an abstract board game.
Before starting a game, make sure to understand some of the rules that you must know. Some of the rules that you must understand include the following:
• 2 players in black and white will take turns to place stones on the points of the board with a size of 19×19. Where black players are allowed to play the game first.
• Each stone must have liberti or empty adjacent dots in order for each of these stones to remain on the game board.
• If a stone or chain that has been surrounded by several enemy stones and no longer has the liberty, then this stone or chain will be caught and will even be removed from the game board.
• If later the stone does not have liberty after playing, but can remove the last liberty from the opponent’s chain, then what will be caught later is the opponent’s chain.
• For the Ko rule, later the stone marked as this player is not allowed to be played at certain points. For this rule it is not allowed to step or repeat on the board position, then the previous move is carried out by the previous player.
• Players will also be able to pass as an alternative to laying stones. When both players pass periodically, the game ends and the value will be calculated from each player.
The player’s value will be the number of empty points that will be surrounded by some of the stones that the player has and also how many stones have been collected. The players who manage to collect the stones with the highest number of values ​​will be the winner of the game. Some of the strategies that can be done are connections or maintaining connections between privately owned stones and even against stones owned by opponents in the future.
Then, make cuts or make some of the opponent’s stones increasingly separate. Where later this opponent must maintain many groups until the end of the game. Another strategy is the strategy of life. This strategy is a player’s strategy to prevent being caught by the opponent. In general, the life of this group will require 2 points.

There are many choices of games that can be played and have quite an exciting sensation. For one of the…