Man walks 200 miles to promote the board game Go

What would you be willing to do to promote the game of Go?

Next week, Chris Garlock and his wife Lisa will answer that question by walking 200 miles across England!

Raising funds to promote Go

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Chris Garlock on a training walk on the Seneca Creek Trail Greenway. Photo: Lisa Garlock

The couple are raising funds for the American Go Foundation (AGF) – a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Go in the US.

The AGF has introduced Go to thousands of students in schools, libraries and community centers, and continues to do so.

“The AGF is one of the unsung heroes of the American Go community,” says Chris.

“They’ve been working steadily for years to teach kids and supply Go teachers with materials, and several generations of young American players can be directly traced to these efforts.”

“The AGF’s small but dedicated group of volunteers and a lot of generous donors inspired my own small effort to contribute.”

Click here to contribute now, or donate to the AGF directly if you prefer.

The AGA E-Journal

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Chris Garlock trying out rain gear in preparation for the walk. Photo: Lisa Garlock

Some readers might recognize Chris as the editor of the American Go Association’s E-Journal – a free resource which is enjoyed by many thousands of Go players worldwide.

Apart from this fundraising walk, Chris has worked tirelessly for years (on a volunteer basis) to provide the Go community with up to date news and articles on the E-Journal.

How about donating a fiver for his trouble?


“The AGF is one of the unsung heroes of the American Go community.”

200 miles is a long way

Walking 200 miles is a serious effort.

It’s like walking from New York to DC, London to Paris or Sydney to Canberra.

Go Game Guru has already donated to this worthwhile fundraiser and you can too.

Support the AGF

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Support Chris and Lisa in raising funds to promote Go.

Chris and Lisa will be walking in the UK during the second half of May, 2013.

By supporting them, you’ll be helping to get Go equipment and teachers into more schools and libraries, and fostering the next generation of Go players.

All money will go directly towards promoting Go.

Chris and Lisa are quite literally doing the hard yards to promote Go. They just need you to give them a hand.

No amount is too small.

Click here now to support the fundraiser


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