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Weekly Go problems: Week 119


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Simple moves are often best in Go. Intermediate Go problem: When neither player’s group is in immediate danger, the contest revolves around shape, potential and sente. Hard Go problem: Sometimes very quiet moves can be deadly…

Go Seigen turns 100 today!


Today is Go Seigen’s 100th birthday. Go Seigen is regarded by many to be the greatest Go player who ever lived. He created a new paradigm in the game of Go and raised the understanding of future players to a new level…

China and Korea evenly pegged after 19th LG Cup round of 16


After one brief day to lounge by the pool, it was back to business on June 11, 2014 for the winners of 19th LG Cup’s round of 32. Three of the pairs have only played each other once before and two of the games repeated the previous result…

19th LG Cup gets serious – Round of 32


The main draw of the 19th LG Cup kicked off on June 9, 2014 at the Lakai Sandpine Resort in Korea. This year, Li Weiqing broke through to the preliminaries, to rub shoulders with the big guns in the main draw. Like us, this next fact will probably make most readers feel their age…

Lee Sedol strikes twice! Quadruple ko in the Chinese A League


Lee Sedol was involved in another quadruple ko on June 5, 2014. This time in a game with Jiang Weijie, in the Chinese A League. The referee declared the game a draw at move 276 and an immediate rematch took place…

Google celebrates Honinbo Shusaku’s 185th birthday


It’s not every day that our favorite game appears on the homepage of the world’s most popular search engine, but today is Honinbo Shusaku’s 185th birthday! Google celebrated the occasion by changing their logo to a drawing of Shusaku with Go stones spelling out the word ‘Google’…

Weekly Go problems: Week 118


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: This problem looks suspiciously similar to last week’s easy problem… Intermediate Go problem: This situation has probably appeared in some of your games… Hard Go problem: Always remember that your opponent’s key point is your own…

Weekly Go problems: Week 117


Here are the weekly Go problems: Easy Go problem: Black can make two eyes with one move. Intermediate Go problem: White seems to have a lot of eyespace, but her shape is short of liberties. Hard Go problem: Be careful about relying too heavily on memorized sequences…

Lee Sedol cools on retirement plans


In 2013 Go Game Guru reported on Lee Sedol’s plans to retire (from competitive play) and move to the US. Go players, especially in the US, were excited at the time. However, one year later, it seems that Lee’s plans are less definite than we originally thought…

Apology for recent delays at Go Game Guru

I’m sorry about recent delays and the lack of updates on our website. Everything is now back to normal and is being addressed.