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Weekly Go problems: Week 40


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: When your stones are short on liberties you need to choose your moves very carefully. Intermediate Go problem: If black saves the stone that’s in atari, white can capture with a ladder. However, black has a brilliant tesuji to play first. Hard Go problem: Even if a simple variation is played, it doesn’t mean both players aren’t reading.

Nie Weiping and Lee Changho play at 2012 World Expo


On May 29, 2012, two Go superstars played an exhibition match at the 2012 World Expo. China’s ‘Steel Goalkeeper’, Nie Weiping, faced Korea’s ‘Stone Buddha’, Lee Changho. The 2012 World Expo is being held in Yeosu, Korea. The event opened in May 2012 and will run to August 2012. This year’s overarching theme is ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’.

Go Commentary: Dang Yifei vs Baek Hongseok – 4th BC Card Cup Final – Game 4


This is the 4th and last game from the final of the 4th BC Card Cup. It’s between Baek Hongseok (9p) and Dang Yifei (4p). Dang won the first game, but Baek won the second and the third games. At this point, Baek is leading the series 2-1. Let’s have a look at the game…

Seeded players enter the fray at the 7th Ing Cup


The first two rounds of the 7th Ing Cup concluded on May 25, 2012 with some surprising results. The most notable was Chinese 15 year old, Fan Tingyu, who defeated Lee Sedol by resignation. For Cho Chikun’s fans, the crazy hair will continue to show up in photos, after Cho defeated Liu Xing by resignation.

Weekly Go problems: Week 39


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: You want to make two eyes, but bigger isn’t always better in Go. Intermediate Go problem: The tesuji here isn’t as decisive as in many other problems, but it’s a situation that could easily arise in your games. Hard Go problem: This is from an amateur game. Sometimes in Go there are fleeting opportunities that go unnoticed…

The 7th Ing Cup begins


The waiting is over and 7th Ing Cup is about to start. Round 1 takes place on May 23, 2012. Players arrived in Taiwan yesterday, with photographers tailgating them from the moment they touched down in Taipei. The Ing Cup is the oldest continuous international Go tournament for professionals…

Go Commentary: Dang Yifei vs Baek Hongseok – 4th BC Card Cup Final – Game 2


This is the second game of the 4th BC Card Cup final between Baek Hongseok (9p) and Dang Yifei (4p). Baek Hongseok is currently ranked number 8 in Korea. This is his first time in the final of an international tournament. As this game begins, Dang’s on a 17 game winning streak in international matches, and it’s really amazing…

Weekly Go problems: Week 38


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Find the right shape to make a second eye. Intermediate Go problem: White just played A. First figure out what white’s plan is, then plan your counter attack. Hard Go problem: Knowing that sometimes offense is the best defense – worth four stones. Knowing the best time to ease off – priceless.

Baek Hongseok wins 4th BC Card Cup


On May 16, 2012, much to the delight of Korean Go fans, Baek Hongseok defeated Dang Yifei of China to win the 4th BC Card Cup 3 games to 1. Congratulations to Baek Hongseok on his first major international win and Dang Yifei on his impressive performance in reaching the finals.

Go Commentary: Dang Yifei vs Park Younghun – 4th BC Card Cup


This is a game between Park Younghun and Dang Yifei from the quarter finals of the 4th BC Card Cup. Park Younghun’s ranked number 3 in Korea. On the other hand, Dang Yifei is a new face. He was ranked number 54 in China before this tournament, but he beat Lee Sedol and Tan Xiao before this game. Lee and Tan are number one in Korea and China respectively.