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Chen Yaoye wins 15th China Korea Tengen


On August 31, 2011, Chen Yaoye (9p) claimed his second China Korea Tengen title. The China Korea Tengen, also known as the Dongli Cup, pits the Chinese Tianyuan title holder against the current Korean Chunwon. Chen defeated Korea’s Choi Cheolhan (9p), 2 games to 0. This victory is extra sweet for Chen, who first won the title in 2009 by defeating Kang Dongyun (9p) and then lost it last year to Park Junghwan.

Go Commentary: Park Junghwan vs Qiu Jun – 24th Fujitsu Cup


This game is from the final of the 24th Fujitsu Cup. Park Junghwan (9p) beat Iyama Yuta (9p) in the semi final, and Qiu Jun (8p) beat Jiang Weijie (5p) to reach this final. Park Junghwan is regarded as a future Lee Sedol, and he’s the most promising player in Korea right now. On the other hand, Qiu Jun is well known as a very hard thinker and worker. He seems to be getting stronger as time goes on.

16th Samsung Cup: Group stage concludes


On August 26 2011, the group stage of the 16th Samsung Cup concluded in Beijing and the draw for the round of 16 was announced. Fans of the Stone Buddha will be relieved to know that Lee Changho (9p), who only joined the main draw through receiving a wildcard, made it to the round of 16. Unfortunately, Park Junghwan (9p), the recent winner of the 24th Fujitsu Cup, did not progress through the ‘Group of Death’.

The 16th Samsung Cup begins


On August 24 2011, Go professionals from China, Japan and Korea gathered in Beijing for the main tournament of the 16th Samsung Cup. Some had won a spot in the main draw by playing through preliminaries, others were seeded based on last year’s performance. Lee Changho (9p) of Korea received this year’s wildcard. The Samsung Cup draw is convoluted, though arguably fairer than a straight knockout format…

Happy 1st Birthday Go Game Guru!


Can you believe that it’s already been one year since we started Go Game Guru? It really doesn’t seem like it, but the calendar disagrees with me. On August 22, 2011 it’s Go Game Guru’s 1st birthday! It’s been a really busy year for Younggil and I, working, learning, making this website, travelling and of course, playing Go. Thanks to all our readers! There’s no way we would have kept working on this thing for so long without your advice and encouragement.

Park Younghun wins 2nd World Meijin


The 2nd China Japan Korea Meijin kicked off in Changde, China on August 16, 2011. Title holders of Mingren from China, Myeongin from Korea and Meijin from Japan went head to head to decide who would be the World Meijin. This year, Korea’s Park Younghun (9p), Japan’s Iyama Yuta (9p) and China’s Jiang Weijie (5p) battled each other for the title.

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Iyama Yuta – 24th Fujitsu Cup


This is a commentary of the game between Gu Li (9p) and Iyama Yuta (9p) in the 24th Fujitsu Cup. These two also played together recently in the final of the 1st Bosai Cup, in China May 2011. At that time, Iyama defeated Gu Li and took the title. Even though Iyama’s play in that game was wonderful, lots of Go fans still thought the result was some sort of fluke. However, this time it should be different, because Iyama’s play seems to be getting even better.

Park Junghwan wins 24th Fujitsu Cup

Park Junghwan, featured image.

On August 14, 2011, the 24th Fujitsu Cup came to an exciting finish as Park Junghwan (9p) of Korea took the title, defeating China’s Qiu Jun (8p). This is Park’s first major international title, but at only 18 years of age, it will most certainly be followed by many more. With this win, Park sets a new record as the youngest player ever to win the presitigious Fujitsu Cup.

Qiu Jun to face Park Junghwan in 24th Fujitsu Cup final


China’s Qiu Jun (8p) is set to face off with Korea’s Park Junghwan (9p) in the final of the 24th Fujitsu Cup tomorrow. In today’s matches (August 13, 2011), Park defeated Japan’s Iyama Yuta (9p) by 3.5 points in a difficult, large scale game. On the other side of the room Qiu Jun was competing with fellow countryman Jiang Weijie (5p). Their game featured hard tactical fighting and a huge ko, which Qiu won.

Changing of the guard at the 24th Fujitsu Cup


We’re getting to the business end of the 24th Fujitsu Cup and places in the semi final were decided today (August 12, 2011). The last 4 players left standing are Korean youngster, Park Junghwan (9p), Japan’s Iyama Yuta (9p) and China’s Qiu Jun (8p) and Jiang Weijie (5p). Tomorrow, Park will take on Iyama and the two remaining Chinese players will play one another.