Go Commentary: Cho Chikun vs Kobayashi Satoru – 4th Igo Masters Cup

Cho Chikun 9 dan receives a certificate from Yamashiro Hiroshi 9 dan. Photo: Akira Adachi

This game is from the final of the 4th Igo Masters Cup, played between Cho Chikun 9p and Kobayashi Satoru 9p on July 12, 2014. The Igo Masters Cup is a tournament for veteran players over the age of 50…

Go Commentary: Liu Xing vs Cho Chikun – 7th Ing Cup


This game is from the round of 16 in the 7th Ing Cup. It’s between Cho Chikun 9p and Liu Xing 7p. Cho Chikun is one of the most well known Go players in the world. He’s very famous for his indomitable spirit. On the other hand, Liu Xing is currently ranked number 16 in China. His style of play is lively and free, so it’s unpredictable.

Seeded players enter the fray at the 7th Ing Cup


The first two rounds of the 7th Ing Cup concluded on May 25, 2012 with some surprising results. The most notable was Chinese 15 year old, Fan Tingyu, who defeated Lee Sedol by resignation. For Cho Chikun’s fans, the crazy hair will continue to show up in photos, after Cho defeated Liu Xing by resignation.

The 7th Ing Cup begins


The waiting is over and 7th Ing Cup is about to start. Round 1 takes place on May 23, 2012. Players arrived in Taiwan yesterday, with photographers tailgating them from the moment they touched down in Taipei. The Ing Cup is the oldest continuous international Go tournament for professionals…

Just 8 players left in the 9th Chunlan Cup


On March 30, 2012, the quarter finalists for the 9th Chunlan Cup were decided. The Chunlan Cup is an invitational Go tournament for 24 top players from around the world. Play started on March 28 in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, China. After two days of play, 16 of the 24 contenders had been eliminated…