16 of China’s strongest players meet at the 1st Dachongjiu Cup

In late July 2012, China’s top pros met to compete in a newly established domestic invitational for the strongest players in China, the Dachongjiu Cup.

Gu Li (9 dan) unfolds a fan to reveal his place in the draw.

Dachongjiu Cup

The Dachongjiu Cup is open to the top 16 pros in China. Over four days, the pros play a single knockout tournament until one winner remains.

The winner is awarded 200,000 RMB (about $30,000 USD at the time of writing) and the runner up receives 80,000 RMB. In addition, all players receive 10,000 RMB for each game they play.

Piao Wenyao (9 dan) at the 1st Dachongjiu Cup.

Dinner before play

Jiang Weijie (9 dan, left) and Kong Jie (9 dan) enjoy dinner together.

As always, the players were welcomed by a lavish banquet.

The draw was determined by players taking turns to choose a folding fan (see Gu Li above).

A notable inclusion in the draw was Dang Yifei 4p.

Dang didn’t qualify, based on his rank, but was awarded a wildcard due to his impressive run at this year’s BC Card Cup.

The other wildcard recipient was Wang Yao 6p.

Kong Jie (left) plays Meng Tailing (6 dan).

Jiang Weijie emerges victorious

After four days of intense play between the likes of Xie He 9p, Piao Wenyao 9p, Gu Li 9p and Kong Jie 9p, it was down to Shi Yue 5p and Jiang Weijie 9p.

Perhaps Jiang’s experience gave him a slight edge and he was too good for Shi on the day.

Jiang Weijie (9 dan, center) wins the 1st Dachongjiu Cup. Runner up Shi Yue (5 dan, second from the left). The man second from the right is Wang Runan, 8 dan and Chairman of the Chinese Go Association.

Game records

Jiang Weijie vs Shi Yue


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Hu Yaoyu vs Jiang Weijie


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Wang Xi vs Shi Yue


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. DanielTom says:

    Congrats to Jiang Weijie.
    I believe that it was in this tournament that Shi Yue 5p beat Xie He 9p in just 70 moves or so… It was the fastest anyone has ever beaten Xie He for sure!

  2. Wang Xi vs Shi Yue, what an interesting game.

    • David Ormerod says:

      I thought so too when I saw it. I mentioned it to Younggil as a potential game to review sometime, but he’s already got a few other recent games that he thought would be good to comment. I don’t know if he’ll get to this one.