16th Samsung Cup: Kong Jie, Gu Li knock out Lee Sedol, Lee Changho

On October 4, 2011, the much anticipated match ups of Lee Sedol 9p vs Kong Jie 9p and Lee Changho 9p vs Gu Li 9p took place in the 16th Samsung Cup.

Kong Jie (9 dan, left) plays Lee Sedol (9 dan) in the 16th Samsung Cup.

China has dealt a severe blow to Korea’s hopes, after Kong and Gu knocked the two ‘big Lees’ out of the competition in the round of 16.

Round of 16 final results

Here are the full results:

Lee Changho (9 dan, left) plays Gu Li (9 dan) in the 16th Samsung Cup.


Pairings for the quarter finals

Tomorrow, the quarter finals will take place:

Watch the fireworks as Kong and Gu take on Korea’s young guns. Lee Younggu and Chen Yaoye are also coming into this game in excellent form.

What happens next is anyone’s guess!

More photos from the 16th Samsung Cup round of 16

Kim Junghyun (3 dan, left) plays Chen Yaoye (9 dan) in the 16th Samsung Cup.

Won Seongjin (9 dan, left) plays Li Xuanhao (3 dan) in the 16th Samsung Cup.


Game record: Lee Sedol vs Kong Jie


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Game record: Gu Li vs Lee Changho


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Na hyun is very impressive, today he beat Kong jie 9dan by 1,5 pts. I hope a commentary of this game.

  2. yeah, he is a 16years old strong as hell when he was an insei he beat two jap pros around the same time Han Taehee(other young pro) beat lee chang ho when he too was still insei,
    only iyama yuta was able to stop na hyun…
    he beat cho hunhyun in the korean league before,and if he wins the samsung cup he will become the youngest 9thdan pro ever… if he is 2nd 7d i think, anyway everyone here was not really surprised he beat kong jie but most doubt he can beat gu li,but nah hyun wasn’t at his best in the game vs gu li, he didn’t sleep much before still won though

    • David Ormerod says:

      If he wins the Samsung Cup he’ll also beat Lee Changho’s record as the youngest player to win an international tournament. Lee won the Tongyang Securities Cup at 17.

      It’s going to be exciting :).

      • yeah really exciting 🙂 but wait.. Park Jungwhan broke what record of lee chang ho then?
        but he will be the youngest 9d ever…IF he wins that is..
        but really exciting yeah 😀