3 International Go Tournaments in January 2011

There are 3 major international tournaments between Asian professional Go players in January 2011, and these tournaments are Jeongganjang Cup, Nongshim Cup and BC Card Cup.

9th Jeongganjang Cup

Jeongganjang Cup was created in 2003, and is sponsored by Jeongganjang. It is current a Women’s World Go Championship. The first two tournaments were among individual players, and the prize for the champions was 30 million Korean won (US$/26,800). Rui Naiwei from China and Park Jieun from Korea won the first two championships respectively.

Park Jieun 9 dan

From the 3rd Jeongganjang Cup, the tournaments were changed among national female Go teams. The Chinese female Go team won the 3rd, 4th and 7th championships and the Korean female Go team won the 5th, 6th and 8th championships. Japanese female Go team never won the championship. The prize for the championship team was 75 million Korea won (US$ 67,000).

Rui Naiwei 9 dan

The first stage of the competition will be held from January 8 to 14 in Hangzhou China. China will send its best females players. Following the Asian Games, Rui Naiwei will play once again on behalf of China. In addition to Rui Naiwei, the Chinese female Go team also includes Song Ronghui (5 dan professional) , Li He (3 dan professional), Lu Jia (2 dan professional) and Tang Yi (2 dan professional). The Korean female team will be led by Park Jieun (9 dan professional), and other team members include Lee Hajin (3 dan professional), Park Jiyeon (2 dan professional) Moon Dowon (2 dan professional) and Kim Miri ( 1 dan, professional). The Japanese team will be represented by Kikuyo Aoki (8 dan professional), Mika Yoshida (8 dan professional), Suzuki (5 dan professional), Chinen Kaori (4 dan professional) and Mukai Chiaki (4 dan, professional)

Battle between China and Korea: 12th Nongshim Cup

The Nongshim cup is a three-country event. The tournament started in 1999 with five representatives from each of the participating countries China, Korea and Japan. The player who wins continues to play opponents of alternating countries until all opponents are exhausted. When a player loses the next player of that country takes his place in line. In the past 11 tournaments, Japan won the 7th tournament, China won the 9th tournament, and Korea won the rest 9 tournaments.

Lee Sedol 9 dan

Korea has a very innovative lineup for this competition, and let Lee Sedol to serve as the pioneer. After 2 consecutive wins, he was beaten by Chinese player Xie He. Xie He also had 4 consecutive wins, but he was finally beaten by Korean player Mok Jinseok, and Mok Jinseok was beaten by Japanese player Shinji Takao. Shinji Takao had 2 consecutive wins, and then was beaten by Korean player Choi Cheolhan.

For the 3rd stage competition, the Chinese team still has Zhou Ruiyang and Kong Jie. The Korean team has Choi Cheolhan and Lee Changho, but the Japanese team only has Satoshi Yuki. It is estimated that the final stage competition will be a tournament between Chinese and Korean players. Zhou Ruiyang will be the next Chinese player to compete with Choi Cheolhan.

3rd BC Card Cup

BC Card Cup World Go Championship is an international Go competition sponsored by South Korea’s BC Card. The precursor of this tournament was South Korea’s BC Card Cup. Although the BC Card Cup was created in 2009, it already becomes one of the most important tournaments after Fujitsu Cup, Samsung Cup, LG Cup, Ing Cup, Chunlan Cup and Toyota Denso Cup.

Gu Li 9 dan

The players are picked as follows:

3 players from South Korea

2 players from China

2 players from Japan

1 player from Taiwan

2 wildcard players named by Hanguk Kiwon

54 preliminary tournament winners

The format is single knockout with 6.5 komi. The time limit is 2 hour thinking time (from 2010), and the winner’s purse is 300 million won ($268,000). Gu Li (From China) was the defending champion, but lost in the round of 16 to An Choyoung (From Korea) unluckily by half a point with black, while leading in territory throughout the entire match.┬áLee Sedol (From Korea) and Chang Hao (From China) are the 2010 finalists, with Lee holding a 2-0 lead heading to the break on the 26th of April. The match resumes on the 27th. Lee is looking to win his 11th World Championship, and also looking for his 23rd consecutive win after coming out of his retirement. Chang is seeking his fourth World Championship.

The 3rd Championship will begin on Jan 24th, 2011.

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  1. Nice report. I’m eager to see all those games!

    I find just one minor mistake in your text. Korean girls for the Jeongganjang Cup actually are: Park Jieun(9d), Lee Hajin(3d), Park Jiyeon(2d), Moon Dowon(2d) and Kim Miri(1d)

    • David Ormerod says:

      Thanks Liopic. I’ve updated the post to the Korean romanisation of the names, as you suggested. We used the Chinese pronunciation of the names in this case, so they are slightly different.

      I had a look at your blog. You have some interesting Go problems on there. By the way, the next time you want to use some content from our site as you did here, please credit us with a link at least: http://gogameguru.com/seki-go-game-1/. As long as you do that, you are most welcome to translate it to Spanish.

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