3rd BC Card Cup: Quarter final lineup

Gu Li (left, 9p) vs Cho Hanseung 9p

The round of 16 has concluded in the 3rd BC Card Cup, with Gu Li 9p beating Cho Hanseung 9p to claim the final spot in the quarter finals.

The other quarter finalists are Lee Sedol 9p, Park Junghwan 9p, Heo Youngho 8p and Kim Jiseok 7p of Korea and Chen Yaoye 9p, Zhou Ruiyang 5p and Zhong Wenjing 5p of China.

The matches will be as follows:

Lee versus Chen
Park versus Zhou
Zhong versus Heo
Gu versus Kim

The quarter finals will begin on March 31 2011.

It looks like an exciting lineup. We are particularly hoping to see another action packed game between Gu Li and Lee Sedol. Those two are always explosive when they play one another.

Which match-ups are you looking forward to?

Are there any games you would really like to see in this lineup? Who are your favorite players? Which games are you looking forward to? Feel free to comment below.

The game record


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. I don`t know much about the players, i replayed some of Lee Sedols Games and i like his style verry much … and i know that Gu Li is a verry agressiv , fighting-player as well as Lee Sedol … as far as i`m still not a advanced player, for me, every pro-game is interesting to watch and hard to understand … 🙂

    • Hi Amon. Yes, both players are very aggressive. In China Lee is called “the wolf” and Gu is nicknamed “muscle man” by Go players.

      Don’t worry if you don’t understand every move. The important thing is to enjoy the game. 🙂 If you do that, you will learn many things by osmosis.