3rd BC Card Cup: Semi final line up

And then there were four…

The quarter finals of the 3rd BC Card Cup concluded today with Gu Li 9p defeating Kim Jiseok 7p by resignation. This exciting game has been commented by Younggil at – Commentary: Kim Jiseok vs Gu Li 3rd BC Card Cup.

Gu Li 9p - China's last man standing in the 3rd BC Card Cup

Other games in the quarter finals

In the other quarter finals, Park Junghwan 9p defeated Zhou Ruiyang 5p, Lee Sedol 9p defeated Chen Yaoye 9p and Heo Youngho 8p defeated Zhong Wenjing 5p. This leaves Gu as the only Chinese player in the semi finals, facing off against three Korean players. The BC Card Cup is an individual, rather than a team, tournament.

For the next matches, Lee will play Park and Heo will play Gu. It looks like we are on track for a Lee versus Gu final!

A big chance for a young gun, Park Junghwan 9p to take on Lee Sedol 9p next


A rematch of the 2010 Samsung Cup? Heo Youngho 8p will play Gu Li 9p

An interview with Lee Sedol

Below is an excerpt from a television interview with Lee after his quarter final win against Chen.

Defending champ, Lee Sedol - Ready to rumble in the 3rd BC Card Cup

“This was a very intense game. Did you prepare for it?”
Lee: “I didn’t make any special preparation, but I did want to dictate the direction of play to avoid excessive fighting during the opening. While I did manage to avoid early fighting, I wasn’t too pleased with my play today. My opening was not very good.”

“And the ko in the lower part of the board?”
Lee: “At the time I thought the ko would be very difficult under normal circumstances. However, even after I won the ko, the situation did not improve much for me.”

“I heard you and your family have taken up hiking?”
Lee: “Yes, we have been before. Now that spring has come, I’m looking forward to hiking more often with my family.”

“You will play Park Junghwan 9p next in the semi final. Is Park your preferred opponent?”
Lee: “Definitely not. Park is a very good player, very difficult to beat. It will be a very tough game. But, if I prepare well, I believe I can win.”

Here’s the game record: Lee Sedol vs Chen Yaoye


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Another interesting game from the quarter finals: Kim Jiseok vs Gu Li

A commentary of this game is also available: Commentary: Kim Jiseok vs Gu Li 3rd BC Card Cup


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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