3rd BC Card Cup: One win apiece in the final

All eyes are on Seoul as Lee Sedol 9p takes on Gu Li 9p in the final of the 3rd BC Card Cup.

"Which camera do we look at?" - Gu Li (left, 9 dan) and Lee Sedol (9 dan) on the eve of the 3rd BC Card Cup final.

Press Conference

On the eve of the first match, BC Card hosted a press conference and lavish welcoming banquet attended by international Go luminaries like Cho Hunhyun and Rui Naiwei. The media were given the opportunity to interview the two finalists.

Lee said that while he wanted to play well and create some interesting Go, there would always be other tournaments and therefore he did not feel pressured to win. Lee also revealed that his most sought after opponent used to be Lee Changho, but now it is Gu.

Lee no match for Gu when it comes to drinking

Gu Li wins the drinking game

On a more light hearted note, Lee told the media that Gu is quite a drinker and that Lee is out-classed in that department.

BC Card Cup final tied at one all

After two matches, “Muscle Man” and “The Wolf” are on one win each. Gu won the first match and Lee answered the challenge by taking out the second match. Interestingly enough, in both games white won by resignation.

At the post-game interview for the second match, Lee admitted that his opening was not particularly strong, leaving him in a difficult position as the game progressed into the middle game. Lee thought that Gu must have made a miscalculation, which resulted in his win.

Gu Li in the second game

Nevertheless, Lee is pleased with this result and is looking forward to going all out in the next match. When asked about whether he had any special rituals before big matches, Lee laughed and admitted that he doesn’t like to cut his fingernails before big games.

Lee Sedol evens the score in a tough second game

The players are taking a break today and the next three rounds will take place on April 26-28 2011, with games starting at 1pm Korean time (GMT+9). Stay tuned for more news as play progresses…

Who do you think will win the final?

Final poll results:

  • Lee Sedol (54%, 55 Votes)
  • Gu Li (46%, 48 Votes)

Let us know what you think. Are you a Gu Li or Lee Sedol fan? Who do you think will win this match? Cast your vote here and have your say below.

Game one: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Game two: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Thanks for great write up and wonderful photographs!

    “After two matches, “Muscle Man” and “The Wolf” are on one win each.”

    Please excuse my ignorance but which applies to which?

    • scwizard says:

      Gu Lee is the muscle man and Lee Sedol is the wolf.

      • Thanks scwizard.
        Wolf. Huh. Yet to hear a nickname for Sedol that I felt satisfied with. But then again I probably wont until someone comes up with one that somehow incorporates that big beautiful smile he is always flashing us 😀

        • David Ormerod says:

          Maybe you could make a better one up? 🙂

          I think nicknames are interesting, would people be interested in a post about the nicknames of different pros?

          • Yeah, like anyone is going to listen to me 😀

            Admit its a bit of a challenge, obviously you want something that expresses what a KILLER he is – but how to get that and have it also be something that testifies to his sweet, cheerful personality! Dunno. Just feels like any nickname that doesn’t incorporate this part of him – a part which shines so bright – does not do the man justice. Anyway, will ponder on it (just for fun) and report back if I come up with anything interesting XD

            “I think nicknames are interesting, would people be interested in a post about the nicknames of different pros?”

            Absolutely (well I would anyway)!

            Yes, I’m big time nerd go fan XD

        • GuLi is Batman and Le Sedol is Joker. : )

  2. anyone notice that when these two play the one with wins 80-85%of the time?

  3. It’s just me or the exchange white o15/black o16 in the first game ended up with a strange shape for black? o17 looks misplaced. I thought white would win after that, and he did.

    • David Ormerod says:

      Hi Paolo, that’s true and white played o15 because he knew black had to respond at o16.

      If black ignores o15, white m17 would be severe. It’s also hard to find a better defense for black, even though o16 makes a ‘bad’ shape. O16 also sets up the remote possibility of a ko in the corner later starting with black t16.