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Richard Bozulich: Alive and well after all!

Recent reports of Richard Bozulich’s death have, as Mark Twain once said, been greatly exaggerated. Earlier this week (5 November, 2011), Go Game Guru published a report that Richard Bozulich had died. Mr Bozulich, founder of the Ishi Press and the Kiseido Publishing Company, is the author, translator or publisher of many popular Go books. He is, in fact, alive and well and this article is being published to correct the misinformation provided earlier.

So who won the Go books?

I know a lot of readers have been waiting to find out who won the Go books in our recent competitions. In November 2011, we gave away four Go books to mark the opening of our new Go shop. There was a public competition, and also a second competition that was only open to newsletter subscribers. Here are the results…