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The game Go isn’t that easy, but learning it doesn’t have to be hard. Let Go Game Guru help you to become a better Go player.

Let us make you a better Go player

Go is arguably the simplest and most fascinating strategy game that exists. And it’s been popular for thousands of years.

But while learning Go is easy, mastering it isn’t.

If you’ve played Go for any amount of time, you’ll already know that it takes time and effort to really get good at it. And even more to master it.

Even so, getting better at Go is incredibly rewarding and worthwhile. So you shouldn’t make it hard for yourself.

The thing is, it takes awhile to figure out what works in Go. Both how to improve and how to play well. And if you do the wrong things… then you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and opportunities.

Do you want to figure everything out for yourself or would you like a teacher to show you the way?

Let Go Game Guru be your Go teacher

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What readers say about Go Game Guru

Here are just a few of the things our readers have said about Go Game Guru:

Whatever you choose to do, keep it up. This site is amazing. – Michael W

At present I know of no other steady and reliable source of Go news in a western language on the internet. – Nicolás

This is my favorite ‘all in one’ Go site. I love all the commentaries you have and how Younggil notes the style of the players. That is what the analysis should be, because each player is definitely different. The continual, concise updates on professional Go news are also much appreciated, as are your How to Get Better at Go articles. – Rocky

There are lots of good Go places on the internet, but this one is special. Every day I wait for news from you and read the articles very carefully. – Jangalf

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Who’s behind Go Game Guru?

Go Game Guru was started by David Ormerod and An Younggil 8p in August 2010.

David (left) plays Go with Younggil (right) at a Go club.

About David

David Ormerod

David is a Go enthusiast who’s played the game for more than a decade. He likes learning, teaching, playing and writing about Go.

He’s taught thousands of people to play Go, both online and in person at schools, public Go demonstrations and Go clubs. He started Go Game Guru with Younggil so that they could help even more people around the world learn Go.

David is a 5 dan amateur Go player who competed in the World Amateur Go Championships prior to starting Go Game Guru. He’s also the editor of Go Game Guru.

About Younggil

An Younggil 8p

Younggil is an 8 dan professional Go player with the Korean Baduk Association. He qualified as a professional in 1997 and won an award for winning 18 consecutive professional matches the following year.

After completing compulsory military service, Younggil left Korea in 2008 to teach and promote the game Go overseas. Younggil now lives in Sydney, Australia, and is one of the founders of Go Game Guru.

Younggil started Go Game Guru with David as part of his mission to help promote Go and raise the level of play in Go throughout the world.

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