An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: 20th GS Caltex Cup Final Game 4 – Choi Cheolhan vs Mok Jinseok

Younggil is going to show you a game played between Choi Cheolhan 9p and Mok Jinseok 9p from the 20th GS Caltex Cup Final, Game 4.

You’ll learn the direction of play and the right haengma when you’re in a battle.

You can also learn how to deal with a ko fight, and a tip for ko threats from this game.

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Game record

Choi Cheolhan vs Mok Jinseok – Game 4


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. As you discussed the upper left corner in some detail, I wondered also about move 91 at F18. I shall try to add a diagram: the continuations are just explanations on why it looks plausible, but I don’t know how to mark the main line 🙁 – it’s the one ending with (possibly) G13.



  2. The point of F18 is meant to be black gets a few more points on the upper side and white cannot easily invade at C12 or K17. But I am not suggesting it is better, just asking if it is a reasonable idea.

    This is how I’d imagine the game to go:



    • Younggil An says:

      That attachment is also a nice tesuji.

      However, White can hane at G18, B E18, W E17, B G17, and White can invade at K17, and that’s hard to capture.

      In that variation, Black can still attack White’s top left group, so that’ll still be playable, but more complicated.

      • Ah, yes. K17 is a nice riposte.

        Black can fight back, but it looks tough and dangerous. The aji of the O16 stones is unpleasant, and white can force on the left.

        Thanks for the explanation.

        • Younggil An says:

          No worries Hippo. Your idea is still considerable, but since Black was ahead at the time, he didn’t need to make the game more complex I thought. 🙂

  3. …then A looks hard to pull off. Black sacrifices cetre prospects for land at the top…

  4. posetcay says:

    Why didn’t White play S8 at S5? Doesn’t it gain more points?

    • Younggil An says:

      That’s a good question.

      White was planing to slide at T4, as he played, and that’s better for the endgame.

      If Black plays S5 instead of 203, White will play in the center, and that’d be even better for White. That’s why White S8 was the proper move in that game.

      • Oh! I simply read that if W S5 then S10 S9 and T7 would be a problem.

        I suppose anyway S8 gains in sente if black answers at S5, and W switches to the centre, which is a nice point.

  5. posetcay, no. But that makes a good problem! 🙂

    You might want to think about black S10, and see if you can work it out before the answer is given…

  6. KimHyemi says:

    Thank you!

    Great commentary as always 🙂
    수고 많으세요, 사범님! ^^