Go Commentary: Park Junghwan vs Tang Weixing – 2014 Samsung Cup


This is the last game of the 2014 Samsung Cup semifinals. This game was played between Park Junghwan 9p and Tang Weixing 9p, on November 7, 2014. Tang Weixing won the first game of this match, but Park tied the score in the second game, so this game would decide the finalist of 2014 Samsung Cup…

Kim Jiseok to face defending champion Tang Weixing in the 2014 Samsung Cup final


The 2014 Samsung Cup semifinals were played from November 5-7, 2014 in Daejeon, Korea. The pairing saw China’s top ranked Shi Yue pitted against Korea’s number 2, Kim Jiseok, and China’s number 9, Tang Weixing, take on Korea’s leading player, Park Junghwan…

Go Commentary: Kang Dongyun vs Ida Atsushi – 16th Nongshim Cup


The 16th Nongshim Cup got started in Beijing, China, from October 21 to 24, 2014. The Nongshim Cup is a team event between China, Japan and Korea. We’re going to have a look at the fourth game, between Kang Dongyun and Ida Atsushi.

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol – Jubango – Game 8


This is the eighth and final game of the MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango. This game was played on September 28, 2014, in Chongqing, China – which is Gu Li’s hometown. The score going into this game was 5-2 in Lee Sedol’s favor which meant that this game was a kadoban for Gu…

Go boards kick cars off the street in Seoul!


Hundreds of people gathered to play Go in Korea’s Gwanghwamun Square, on September 21, 2014. This event was part of Seoul’s Street Without Cars Festival and Learn Go Week. 100 pros played simultaneous games with attendees…

Go Commentary: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li – Jubango – Game 7


This is game 7 of the MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango. It was played in Lhasa, Tibet, on August 31, 2014. Lee Sedol was leading 4-2 going into this game, so it was very important for Gu to win. If he lost, Lee would extend his lead to 5-2, meaning that Gu could only hope for a 5-5 draw in this 10 game match…

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol – Jubango – Game 6


This is game 6 of the MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango. Lee Sedol won first two games, but Gu Li won the next two, to tie the series at 2-2. Then Lee won game 5, taking a 3-2 lead. There was a two month break between games 5 and 6, because…

Go Commentary: Cho Chikun vs Kobayashi Satoru – 4th Igo Masters Cup

Cho Chikun 9 dan receives a certificate from Yamashiro Hiroshi 9 dan. Photo: Akira Adachi

This game is from the final of the 4th Igo Masters Cup, played between Cho Chikun 9p and Kobayashi Satoru 9p on July 12, 2014. The Igo Masters Cup is a tournament for veteran players over the age of 50…

Go Commentary: Iyama Yuta vs Ida Atsushi – 69th Honinbo


This is game 5 of the 69th Honinbo final, played between Iyama Yuta 9p and Ida Atsushi 8p on June 30 and July 1 2014. Iyama Yuta was already leading the match 3-1 at this stage, so this game was a kadoban (match deciding game) for Ida…

Go Commentary: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li – Jubango – Game 5


This is game 5 of the MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango, between Lee Sedol and Gu Li. The mood of the series changed dramatically when Gu Li defeated Lee Sedol in four consecutive games and the overall score for the Jubango became 2-2…