New York Go Center to close

I just heard that the New York Go Center will soon close because the Nihon Ki-in (Japanese Go Association) will sell the building that their Go club is in. Now of course, down here in Australia we are lazy and can rarely be bothered to make the trip to New York (I have never been there), but the news came as something of a shock to me anyway.

Thinking big in Go

This article discusses how to think about the whole Go board when choosing a move in the game of Go. An example game between professional Go players is given and the different possible strategies are discussed. The focus is on how to play on a large scale in Go. This article will be most interesting for intermediate to advanced Go players.

Misadventure on a Qantas A380

After a two month trip around the world, we are finally home – but we only just made it. My wife and I had the bad luck to wind up flying on the ‘exploding’ Qantas A380 and the good luck to survive the experience. Qantas called to the incident an ‘uncontained engine failure’. Other, more matter-of-fact, people called it an ‘explosion’. All I can say is that I feel lucky to be alive and that I call our Captain, Richard de Crespigny, an ‘absolute champion’.

Go technique: Induction in the game of Go

Induction is a technique in the board game ‘Go’. Induction refers to playing a move that forces the opponent to respond in a predictable manner, so that you will then be compelled to play a move that you wanted to play anyway. Mastery of induction creates flowing Go games with interesting and natural fighting positions.

Happy Birthday Go Game Guru

Well this is our first post. I don’t imagine many people will be reading this just yet, but hopefully that will change, given time. So what is Go Game Guru? To put it simply, it’s a site dedicated to teaching and promoting the game of ‘Go’ throughout the world. It’s a collaborative effort between professional Go player An Younggil (8p) and me (David Ormerod). We both have a passion for Go and teaching it, and we recently decided to try something a bit different.