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Myongji University Baduk (Go) Studies course welcomes foreign students

The Department of Baduk (Go) Studies at Myongji University in Korea was founded in 1997, as the pioneering academic center offering Baduk studies as a major. The KGSP scholarship deadline for the graduate program is March 27th, 2015, while undergraduate applicants have until September 2015 to apply…

European Go Centre announces 2015 World Wide Iwamoto Awards

The European Go Centre is happy to announce the World Wide Iwamoto Awards. Thanks to the internet and social media, the world has become smaller, so we think it’s time to invite people worldwide to submit Go promotion projects…

SportAccord set to launch the biggest ever World Mind Games online tournament

This is a guest article by Thomas Hsiang. Ahead of the 4th edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games organized in Beijing on December 11-17, 2014, SportAccord launches the 2014 World Mind Games Online Tournament featuring Bridge, Chess and Go…

Shi Yue wins 1st World Go League

On April 29, 2013, Shi Yue 9p won the three month long World Go League at go9dan. The World Go League is an invitational tournament for five players from South Korea and five players from China, which kicked off this year. The organizers heralded it as the ultimate pro top 10…

Report from the 2013 British Go Congress

The 2013 British Go Congress took place last weekend, April 5-7, at the Cromwell Hotel, Stevenage in Hertfordshire, England. Special guest, Japanese/American professional Go player, Michael Redmond, started events on Friday with a teaching session and a spot-the-move competition…

How do we get more people to play Go?

As we all know, Go is a totally fascinating game. Playing (or even watching) a game and seeing how groups evolve, come to life or die, is a thrilling experience – well, it is if you already know the game. Not knowing Go and watching two players stare at a piece of wood covered in black and white marbles? Not so much…

How you can help to make Go a household name: The Surrounding Game

It’s the line that every Go player hates to hear, “You’re playing Othello, right?” For a game with such rich cultural legacy, Go suffers from a serious lack of cultural awareness in Western countries. What would it take for Go to capture the public imagination?

Computer game tycoon to keynote first US International Go Symposium

The father of the computer gaming revolution, Nolan Bushnell, will be the keynote speaker at a symposium for the world’s oldest continuously played game of skill, Go. The first US International Go Symposium, on August 4-5, 2012, will bring together Go scholars from around the world.

What will the Go server of the future look like?

This is a guest article by Gabriel Benmergui of Kaya.gs: “I could never imagine that in the year 2050 we would still be using what we know today. So I started wondering, what features would the Go server of the future have and what would it look like?… The next generation of Go servers has to be undisputably different…”

The final week at Shanghai Go Camp

After two exciting weeks of training, fun and friends in Shanghai, we headed to Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a beautiful city close to Shanghai, known as ‘Shanghai’s Garden’. It’s one of the cities Chinese people always choose in ‘favorite Chinese city’ polls. It’s very close to Shanghai. The weather is similar, the people look alike, even the mosquitoes are the same. But what makes Hangzhou special is it beautiful lake. The West Lake.