The final week at Shanghai Go Camp

After two exciting weeks of training, fun and friends in Shanghai, we headed to Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a beautiful city close to Shanghai, known as ‘Shanghai’s Garden’. It’s one of the cities Chinese people always choose in ‘favorite Chinese city’ polls. It’s very close to Shanghai. The weather is similar, the people look alike, even the mosquitoes are the same. But what makes Hangzhou special is it beautiful lake. The West Lake.

What’s happening at the Shanghai Go Camp?

I arrived in Shanghai in the evening of June 21, 2011. Two weeks have already passed since the Shanghai Go Camp started, and the time has gone by so quickly. Everything so far has been very nice. It looks like the tough part will start now. We are going to Hangzhou to receive training with the local Go students. Our group will be divided into classes based on the results of a tournament we’ll play with the locals, just the way the Chinese players do it.

Want to improve your Go and see China? Shanghai Go Camp 2011

If you’re like most Go players, you dream of getting just one, three or even ten stones stronger. Have you also wondered what it would be like to see China, with all its ancient history, its modern marvels and, of course, Go? Do you wish you could play Go in China?