Chen Yaoye wins 9th Chunlan Cup, finally achieves international success


The 9th Chunlan Cup finals were held in Jinan, China on June 17, 19 and 20, 2013. Much to China’s delight, Chen Yaoye 9p defeated Lee Sedol 9p 2-1, to win his first and much overdue major international title. It was smiles all round as Chen finally made his breakthrough on the world stage…

18th LG Cup: Japan fights on, Korea knocked out


After a brief day’s respite, the 16 remaining players in the 18th LG Cup returned to battle on June 12, 2013. For the first time in the history of the LG Cup, there are no Koreans in the quarter final line-up. Meanwhile, Japan continues their charge through the draw…

Remembering Ing Chang-ki: The 10th Changqi Cup


The 10th Changqi Cup kicked off on May 27, 2013, followed by rounds two and three on May 29 and 31 respectively. Chen Yaoye 9p, the defending champion, and Tuo Jiaxi 3p, the previous runner-up, were seeded directly into the second round. This allowed them to relax and enjoy the games on day one…

Chen Yaoye makes 5 in a row – wins the 27th Tianyuan title


On May 13 and 15, 2013, Chen Yaoye defended his Tianyuan title against yet another challenger, in the 27th Tianyuan title match, in China. This victory marks Chen’s fifth consecutive year as title holder! This year’s challenger, Gu Lingyi 5p, won the right to challenge Chen earlier in February…

China wins inaugural Tri-Nation Pair Go


The inaugural Tri-Nation Pair Go competition was held in Heifei, Anhui Province, China on April 30, May 1 and 2, 2013. Much to the delight of the home crowd, China’s Chang Hao and Wang Chenxing won the tournament, which featured pairs from China, Japan and Korea…

Kim Jiseok wins 18th GS Caltex Cup


On April 22, 2013, Kim Jiseok took the 18th GS Caltex Cup from the defending champion, Lee Sedol. In doing so, Kim also earned himself a promotion to 9 dan! After winning the first two games of the best of five final on April 16 and 17, it seemed likely that Kim would win the title…

Crazy Stone computer Go program defeats Ishida Yoshio 9 dan with 4 stones


Crazy Stone, a computer Go program by Rémi Coulom, defeated Ishida Yoshio 9p with a four stone handicap, as part of the inaugural Denseisen at the 6th Computer Go UEC Cup in Japan (March 20, 2013). It was an ironic showdown between the computer and ‘The Computer’…

Congratulations Younggil and Jisun!


Congratulations Younggil and Jisun! Married on Saturday March 23, 2013.

Fan Tingyu’s record breaking 7th Ing Cup victory


Fan Tingyu defeated Park Junghwan to win the 7th Ing Cup on March 6, 2013. After the semifinals took place in September 2012, the stage was set for a showdown between these two precocious teenagers. The Ing Cup is the Go world’s most prestigious event and it’s only held once every four years…

Korea wins 14th Nongshim Cup


On March 1, 2013, the 14th Nongshim Cup concluded with Park Junghwan defeating Jiang Weijie and reclaiming the Cup for Korea. With this win, Korea continues its undisputed dominance in this team tournament – this is the Korean team’s 11th win in the history of the Nongshim Cup.