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In Attacking Vitamins, Lee Hyunwook 8p provides performance enhancing supplements for your mind, and helps you to master the art of attacking! This is lesson 15.

Lesson 15

Video: Attacking Vitamins: Lesson 15

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Transcript of the video

Translated by Oh Chimin 7d

Edited by David Ormerod 5d

Episode 15: Attacking Oriented Players - Lee Sedol II

Hello, welcome back to 'Attacking Vitamins'. I'm Lee Hyunwook 8p.

This our second episode on Lee Sedol!

We've prepared his best games for review.

They're games where Lee attacked his opponents' dragons and captured them.

Let's begin today's lesson!

This game was played between Lee and Cho Hunhyun 9p in 2006.

Cho's style of play is very similar to Lee's.

When Lee was a promising young player, many people remarked on how similar their styles were.

However, Cho's more adept at sabaki.

When these two players play together, they show us brilliant attacking and sabaki.

In this game, Lee attacked Cho's group and eventually captured it.

Let's have a look.

Cho's speed in the fuseki is renowned.

He took lots of territory, and invaded black's area here.

It had looked like black had territory here, but Cho reduced it considerably through an invasion.

Black lost some territory at the top. So he aimed at this white group to get compensation.

Let's see how black attacks white.

He can cap here to develop the center, or pincer here to reduce white's eye shape.

How about this cap? White will jump here.

White can live very easily. I think that it isn't good enough for black.

Even though the center looks big, it's too wide. So white can reduce it later.

That's why Lee didn't choose that move.

Instead, he pincered, to take white's eye space away.

In response to white's jump, this cap was very good.

Cho tried to manage his group with this hane.

In this situation, many players would hane in response.

However, white can easily settle down in that case.

If black plays here, white attaches.

With these forcing moves, white can make two eyes on the inside.

This is the vital point, so black can't capture this group.

Black's attack is unsuccessful.

Before responding to the hane, you need to think about white's weakness.

This placement was played to destroy white's eye shape.

Then it was hard for Cho to answer here.

If white blocks, black hanes and rescues his stone.

So, after this exchange, Cho attached here.

Cho was trying to manage his group using the aji at the top.

Black haned and white extended.

Normally black needs to defend his cutting point like this.

But when it comes to attacking, Lee's more aggressive than others.

After this move, white's position became more vulnerable.

That move hit the vital point. If white bumps, black can cut here immediately.

White hasn't a single eye.

So Cho tenukied, to see how black would respond.

It seems like black has to capture white's stone like this.

However, after this atari, white will push here.

Black can still separate this group, but his group has become weaker.

So black can't go on attacking.

This is all because of the atari.

It's time to sacrifice few stones to capture a big group.

Lee used a sacrifice strategy here.

White captured this stone and Lee extended here.

After these exchanges, he blocked here.

Let's assess the outcome.

The top side was originally black's territory, but white captured these two stones.

But look at this area. White can't move his group out anymore.

He can't escape at all.

If black encloses like this, white can't continue.

Cho moved his two stones out to help rescue his troubled group.

However, he didn't predict Lee's sacrifice strategy.

So the game was decided very quickly.

Lee Sedol's attacking method.

Take away your opponent's eye shape!

Reducing eyespace is a fundamental attacking technique.

And, to become stronger, you should also know how to sacrifice your stones.

If you have a solid wall nearby, look for the vital point.

You should know that it's difficult to make an eye in the center.

Lee played against the Taiwanese player Zhou Junxun 9p in 2004.

Zhou is the strongest player in Taiwan. He even won a world championship once.

Therefore, he's a world class player.

In top players' games, dragons are rarely captured.

However, Lee killed a big group in this game. Let's have a look.

Zhou, playing white, haned here to manage his group.

If you look around the board, you'll see that this area is black's only large moyo.

In contrast, white had a good moyo at the bottom.

Therefore, black needs to attack this group effectively.

Lee needed to play aggressively here.

In response to the hane, many people would answer here without further consideration.

However, white will extend, then black has to push again.

Cutting here is sente.

And this extension is another forcing move.

Because of the weakness here, black has to connect.

Then white can easily settle down inside black's area.

Even though the center looks good, this area is wide open now.

It isn't good enough. Black shouldn't let white live so easily.

How should black attack white then?

Black's move is very useful, so you should remember it.

This attachment is a wonderful move!

If white hanes, black ataris and extends here.

It's totally different to the previous variation. White's dead now.

Zhou had to extend here, then Lee descended.

If white connects here, black will start attacking. White's group has no eyes.

It's too dangerous for white.

So Zhou sought a variation.

I think black can continue to attack with this move.

But Lee wouldn't make a compromise like that. He separated white immediately.

He chose to attack both of white's groups.

White's counter looks a bit scary, because there's a wall here.

And Zhou played exactly like this.

This atari isn't a good response.

If white comes out, black can't rescue his two stones.

So it's no good.

White's cut here looked nice initially.

But Lee had already prepared this kosumi!

It made miai of connecting here playing atari here.

If black ataris, he can capture white's stones now.

Therefore, the kosumi was an excellent move.

Lee's attacks are based on his flawless reading.

Zhou was in big trouble.

Inevitably, he rescued this group first.

If black extends here, white will jump out, so he can manage his group easily.

This variation isn't that bad, but Lee didn't stop.

When white came out, Lee removed his weakness.

Zhou had no choice but to try to escape.

At this point, Lee slowed down for a moment.

After that, he delivered the coup de grâce.

Zhou attempted desperately to rescue his group.

But after black connected here, this was white's only eye.

Even if white could connect the two groups, there was no way to make two eyes.

In the end, Lee captured both groups!

Lee Sedol's attacking method: Practice tsumego!

How should black attack white here?

Moves 1 and 15 were excellent. If you work hard, you'll also be able to find such tesujis!

How can you develop the power to destroy your opponent with a single blow?

I recommend that you solve life and death problems.

Our game was played by Lee and Park Jungsang 9p in 2007.

Lee's strong point is his quick and accurate reading.

Another strength is his tenacity in seeking a win.

In this game, it looked like a 99% chance of loss for Lee.

But, though his persistence, he was able to reverse the game in the end.

Let's have a look.

As I said, this game was hopeless for Lee.

You can easily see which color Lee held.

At this point, black's two big groups are dead.

All black has is some influence around here.

However, white took the corner, and this group wasn't weak.

Therefore, black couldn't win with normal moves.

Everyone faces this sort of dire situation from time to time.

I've emphasized that direct attacks are very bad, but here's an exception to that rule.

In this case, a direct attack was the only possible way to reverse the game.

This is the only target black can attack. Lee tried to capture this group.

Frankly, it's almost impossible to capture these stones.

Lee started with this capping play.

Since black's group was thin, this move was fair enough. Then white jumped out.

Capping here is normal. But white can easily live on the inside.

It looks a bit passive, but it's enough to win the game.

Black has to find another way to attack white.

In this case, black had to prevent white from living on the inside.

Lee kosumied, to destroy white's eye shape.

If white answers here, black can peep and kosumi.

Then white can't create two eyes on the right side.

Park didn't like that prospect, so he sidestepped.

After this exchange, Lee kosumied.

His attack was straightforward. White had to make another eye on the outside.

If Park had kosumied or jumped out, this group wouldn't die.

But he extended here, to get some extra points.

My guess is that he never imagined that this group could be attacked severely.

Lee didn't care about shape at this stage, he only focused on pursuing this white group.

This move was good.

In terms of territory, this is better, but white can push here in sente later.

This would weaken his group, so he defended safely.

White didn't have any eyes, so Park played a knight's move.

In response, Lee attached and cut. The ladder was favorable for black.

Inevitably, Park turned here and Lee extended.

After that, white played several forcing moves.

Park exchanged this move, then attached here.

Normally, black extends here. But it was an emergency.

Since he had to capture white's group to win, he tenukied.

He wasn't interested in securing the center at all. He kept attacking white.

Park attached here, and Lee extended.

After this cut, black extended again.

White could capture these two stones, but this atari is sente.

And these stones aren't enough for white to live.

Eventually, this group was driven into this area, where it died.

Considering situation earlier, it seemed almost impossible to capture white.

However, Lee's fighting spirit led to a reversal and a win.

Along with his reading, this is Lee's other strength.

Lee Sedol's attacking method - Even when you're behind, seek out your opponent's weaknesses!

How should black attack white here?

And unplanned attack is never good.

Don't overplay, even if you're behind.

Pressure your opponent first, then wait for his mistakes!

During these two episodes, we've looked at six of Lee's games.

Did you enjoy them? His attacking is brilliant, but also complicated.

His deep reading provides a strong backbone for his attacks.

Since he reads more quickly and accurately than other players, he sometimes captures his opponents' dragons.

This is his special ability.

In order to attack better, you need to improve your reading.

Solving life and death problems will definitely help you.

Next time, we'll explore Mok Jinseok 9p's games.

His moves are sometimes complicated, but often fascinating.

Thank you!

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