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In Attacking Vitamins, Lee Hyunwook 8p provides performance enhancing supplements for your mind, and helps you to master the art of attacking! This is lesson 17.

Lesson 17

Video: Attacking Vitamins: Lesson 17

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Transcript of the video

Translated by Oh Chimin 7d

Edited by David Ormerod 5d

Episode 10: Attacking Oriented Players - Mok Jinseok II

Hello, welcome back to Attacking Vitamins. I'm Lee Hyunwook 8p.

This is our second episode about Mok Jinseok 9p.

He's constantly performed well.

However, he wasn't classified as an attacking oriented player in the past.

However, last year he changed his style, and it was the best year of his career.

After his style became more aggressive, his performance improved.

He's very good at reading, so he often wins battles.

I've prepared some games in which he captured groups with his powerful and accurate reading.

Let's start today's lesson!

Q. What do we need to look out for when attacking?

You can inflict great damage when your attack works well.

However, you can also find yourself short of territory or at the mercy of your opponent's counter-attack when you fail.

Therefore, you need to look at your own position very carefully.

You should always be aware of the territorial balance and your own weaknesses.

If you keep them in mind, your attacking will become more powerful.

This game was played between Mok and Kim Kiyong 4p in 2007.

Last time, we looked at Mok's flexible and lenient attacks.

Today, we'll see him capturing some big groups.

Let's have a look.

Kim captured this group, so he was ahead in terms of territory.

However, in the process, Mok gained a solid wall in the center.

Both of white's groups were very weak.

Let's see how Mok attacked white's groups.

This kind of move is conceivable.

Since black's group above is dead, this fierce attack seems reasonable.

How about this direct attack?

White will connect with this wedge, and then black needs to defend his weakness.

But if white plays around here, this black group isn't alive yet.

Because of that, black can't attack white very severely anymore.

If this group lives, black be short of territory.

So this isn't the answer.

This kind of unprepared attack is usually bad.

When you have more than one target, you should think more carefully to come up with a better attack.

Instead of playing here, black should start on the left side.

Since the center group still wasn't alive, this move was very good.

How about answering like this?

Black will continue to attack this group.

The more white tries to rescue the group on the left, the more danger the one on the right will be in.

Therefore, Kim decided to tenuki, because white's two stones were light.

So he jumped here.

However, this attachment was very severe.

If white becomes separated like this, he can't continue to resist.

So white peeped here first.

If black connects, white can hane and fight.

At this point, cutting here was a nice move!

This gives us a sense of Mok's outstanding reading ability.

Inevitably, white had to capture black.

But this was a good forcing move.

As a result, Black removed his cutting point in sente.

Then black extended here and white was in trouble.

White tried cutting, but black ataried here.

Kim had no choice but to attempt to connect.

After black captured the cutting stone he had miai to cut white.

White had to give up his group.

So, after these exchanges, Mok captured this big group.

Furthermore, both of white's groups were still very weak.

At this point, the game was over.

Mok took control of the game with a severe attack.

Mok's attacking method: Attack unpredictably and have confidence in your reading.

How should black attack white?

Black 1: Make a sound in the east and strike in the west.

However, the combination of 3 and 5 was even more powerful!

White didn't have a good response.

If you want to attack like Mok, I advise you to practice reading and fighting.

This game was played between Mok and Song Taegon 8p in 2007.

Song is considered to be an attacking oriented player too.

However, he was knocked down by Mok's powerful attack.

Let's see Mok's attack.

Black separated white by moving his stones out.

Since black had two weak groups, white needed to find a way to attack both of them at the same time.

Let's see how Mok attacked black here.

How about pushing here?

If black extends, white has to push again or play a knight's move.

It seems like black's in danger.

However, white has a critical weakness here.

If black bumps, white can't connect.

If white does, black will cut and capture white's group.

So white has to connect here, but then black can cut here.

This bamboo joint might be better, but black will jump out.

And white's position is still vulnerable now.

It's a big failure for white.

White's position isn't as solid as it looks.

Therefore, pushing here isn't a good move.

So how should white attack now?

It's hard to come up with, but this is the proper move in this case.

And this was Mok's choice.

He didn't want to help his opponent to find a rhythm.

After exchanging this atari, Song attached here.

At this point, many players would push here, to capture black's stone.

You can capture it, of course. But it's a mistake.

Black will extend and can easily manage his group.

By sacrificing one stone, black's made shape nicely.

It's important not to allow your opponent to develop eye shape when attacking.

Instead of cutting, this atari is better.

Song had to connect, then jump out.

After this atari, Mok played at the vital point.

Black had to defend his weakness, and white flew out to enclose black.

Black had to no choice but to connect.

Now white removed black's eye shape with this peep.

Song had to escape, and this was all part of Mok's plan.

As Mok drove this group out, he was able to attack the other one naturally.

Black had to extend, and Mok peeped, aiming again at the cutting point.

This attachment was an efficient way to defend.

However, all of white's moves here were sente.

Black had to defend himself. And Mok removed black's eye shape by playing here.

Before attacking this group, white harassed the top one.

If black tries to escape, white can easily execute a splitting attack, like this.

One of black's groups will be trapped.

Song had move this group out, then Mok connected here.

Mok played here. And then he made miai of attacking both groups again.

Now this group was sealed in.

If white plays here once more, black's group will die.

Both groups were in trouble. Black couldn't go on playing.

Mok started attacking down here, but his vision was far reaching.

Overall, the attack was very successful.

Mok's attacking method: Develop confidence in your reading ability.

Since white was weak, this attack didn't look easy.

When your position is weak, a direct attack isn't good.

It's important to strengthen yourself first, then aim at your opponent's vital point!

This game was played between Mok and Kim Seongryong 9p in 2007.

Kim is very famous for his excellent game commentaries.

Since he prefers territory, his groups are often attacked by his opponents.

In contrast, he's very good at sabaki (managing his stones).

How would Mok attack against an opponent like Kim?

Let's have a look.

In this situation, white played here to reduce black's territory.

This knight's move is often played.

However, Mok attached here, which is hard to conceive of.

Nevertheless, it exemplifies Mok's style of play.

To play like this, the ladder must be favorable for black.

Thanks to these black stones, the ladder favored black.

So white had to extend here.

After the push, Mok tried to enclose this area.

It seems like white can escape with this push.

And he can capture black's cutting stone with this atari.

However, black won't block here.

Instead, pushing here is nice.

White has to extend, then black can answer here.

Since black can play forcing moves, black's quite strong around here.

After this move, white couldn't escape. So Kim attached here.

In response, Mok peeped and captured white's cutting stones.

This hane looks quite good though.

This counter-hane isn't a profitable exchange for black.

These kinds of exchanges are usually very bad.

Now for the highlight of today's lesson.

These four stones don't look like a target at all now.

However, this move was brilliant.

Black was aiming at the cutting point here.

White had to connect, but black peeped again.

White couldn't capture black's stones.

If black cuts, white has to defend his cutting point.

Then after black pushes, white's stones will die.

Inevitably, Kim had to connect here.

After that, white had not a single eye.

Black was able to maintain his attack, gaining points at the top.

Kim felt that he'd been unsuccessful up to here, and he overplayed as a result.

He tried to move his stones out.

However, his choice wasn't good.

After this push, white's entire group at the top was dead.

This is all because of this second line peep.

The game was decided at an early stage, and this move played an important role.

Mok's attacking method: Attack with confidence in your reading.

How should black attack white's three stones?

There's a famous proverb "cut first, think later".

If you always fall back, you won't win your games.

Once you miss the opportunity to attack, it won't come again.

Don't forget this!

We've reviewed some of Mok's games today. Did you enjoy them?

His moves are brilliant and refreshing.

He often takes control of his games with outstanding reading.

Many fans like his style of play.

If you want to improve your reading, reviewing Mok's games will definitely help.

Next time, we'll review various attacking techniques. See you then.

Thank you!

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