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In Attacking Vitamins, Lee Hyunwook 8p provides performance enhancing supplements for your mind, and helps you to master the art of attacking! This is lesson 20.

Lesson 20

Video: Attacking Vitamins: Lesson 20

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Transcript of the video

Translated by Oh Chimin 7d

Edited by David Ormerod 5d

Episode 20: Practical Test III

Hello, welcome back to 'Attacking Vitamins'. I'm Lee Hyunwook 8p.

Today, we're going to continue to solve some problems from actual games.

I've prepared some examples from pros' games.

Because of that, the difficulty will be higher than before.

Nevertheless, you need to be confident. Let's start today's lesson!

I think this problem will be difficult.

This is from a pro's game.

This problem requires you to use your sense of attacking.

You need to think carefully. Let's have a look.

White just pushed here.

I imagine this is the first time some viewers have seen this variation.

It isn't played very often.

When white approached, black responded with a large knight's move.

After this push, this extension isn't the answer.

White will jump and settle down easily.

It's time for black to attack these two stones.

How should black attack them?

The knight's move is often good when attacking.

Since it's a three space extension, this invasion is also conceivable.

Or, instead of these two options, black can also jump to here.

This move intends to attack the entire group.

Indeed, these three moves all look wonderful. So it's hard to choose one.

I advise you to consider the answer carefully.

Q. What's the best move to attack white's two stones?

Hint: Gain *********, instead of territory, by attacking!

Let's examine the options one by one.

In fact, every move looks like a good answer, so this one might be hard.

Let's look at this knight's move first.

In response, white will jump here.

Since white didn't defend on this side, black wants to play here.

However, instead of answering here, white will jump again.

Capturing this stone is dangerous. White will peep here.

This group was a solid wall, but now it's heavy and weak.

This is no good, so black needs to respond here somehow.

This knight's move is essential, but then white will play a knight's move here.

As you can see, white's position is now stable.

Since white lived easily, this knight's move isn't a good choice.

This jump is more forceful than it looks.

Therefore, the knight's move is the wrong direction of play.

How about this invasion? It looks like the most powerful move.

If white kosumis, black pushes here.

Since black has many stones in this area, this battle is favorable for black.

But instead of moving the stone out, white will attach here.

Regardless of where black hanes, white will cut.

Black has no choice but to atari and rescue his stone.

It's a trade of these stones.

As you can see, this black group is getting weaker.

Even though black gained territory, this result isn't satisfactory.

So when white attaches here, black shouldn't hane.

Inevitably, black needs to bump like this.

Even though black got some points, the attack was a failure.

Now white's group is difficult to attack.

Let's see the answer.

In this case, this jump is the right move.

If you got the answer, you have a good sense of play.

If white answers here, black plays a knight's move.

And now black can shut white in, so it's quite different to other variations.

In response to this jump, black separates white.

Since white can't attach here like before, this result is good for black.

Therefore, white should kosumi here.

After these exchanges, this attachment is necessary to make life.

Now this group is safe.

Black enclosed this area in sente, and now this approach is a good move.

This sequence has been played by pros many times.

So black's jump is a common answer in this case.

Q. What's the best move to attack white's two stones?

Hint: Gain influence, instead of territory, by attacking!

A: 5 points

B: 5 points

C: 10 points

If you only seek a small local profit, you're likely to fail.

When your position is strong, you need to attack the whole group.

Here's another problem.

Through this problem, you can review what you've learned from the previous lessons.

We'll test your understanding of the skills I've showed you.

Let's get started.

This is from a pro game.

After black came out, white connected here.

So the focus is on how black should attack these white stones.

It's hard to do so with ordinary moves. If black pushes, white simply extends here.

This isn't an attack at all.

Therefore, black needs a more sophisticated plan.

Black should prevent white from connecting her two groups.

Firstly, this jump is conceivable.

Or, how about this attachment? It isn't easy to come up with that move.

I'd say it's a more aggressive way to separate white.

In addition, this one space jump is another option.

This is the most basic way to attack white.

I suggest that you consider these three options.

Q. What's the best move to attack white's three stones?

Hint: A ******* strategy can enhance the effect of your attack.

As we've discussed before, the proverb 'feint to the east and attack the west' applies to this situation.

To attack white effectively, black needs to prepare carefully.

Let's look at these two jumping moves first.

If black plays a two space jump, white will push here.

White can keep playing forcing moves like this.

After that, if white attaches here, black can't attack white anymore.

Even if black ataris here, he can't separate white.

Even though black breaks through here, white can easily connect with this atari.

The attack is a failure. In addition, black's group became very weak.

Because of that, an ordinary attack like this wouldn't lead to a good result for black.

In this case, this attachment is a wonderful attack.

If white responds like this, black exchanges this hane.

In order to rescue her stone, white has to answer here.

After that, black can shut white in by turning here.

After black connects, white has no choice but to push and cut.

Bumping here is sente for black.

So white doesn't have enough time to cut and attack black.

That's because black can throw in and capture white with a squeeze.

As a result, white's group dies.

Therefore, white must respond carefully to black's attachment.

Let's look at other options for white.

If white plays here, black counter-hanes.

Because of her weak group here, white can hardly fight against black.

So pushing here is an inevitable compromise, but this hane is a good continuation.

After black double hanes, white has to connect here.

This is the actual progression from the game.

White has to survive on the inside.

Initially white had a good position here, but a leaning strategy shut white in.

Thanks to this, black gained a lot of profit here.

This is a very good example of a leaning strategy.

When you want to attack a weak group, this strategy is often a good choice.

I hope you'll remember this!

Q. What's the best move to attack white's three stones?

Hint: A leaning strategy can enhance the effect of your attack.

A: 4 points

B: 6 points

C: 10 points

If a direct attack isn't easy, a leaning strategy can be a good alternative.

Since it's a basic principle of attacking, you should be sure to remember this!

This problem focuses on finding the right direction of play, rather than on your attacking skills.

You'll learn where to direct your targets.

If you've watched these lessons carefully, you won't fail!

Let's have a look.

White tried to escape into the center.

That's because it's not easy to live on the inside.

It's time for black to attack white. In which direction should he drive the group?

This is always a hard question for everyone.

One option is to jump like this. It's the simplest way to attack.

This is the expected progression. Both sides will jump to the center.

This knight's move is another option, and it's a more aggressive move.

The last option is the long knight's move here. If white kosumis, black chases the group with a knight's move.

This plan aims to enlarge black's moyo on the right.

The focus of this move is on expanding black's moyo rather than capturing the white group.

How should black attack the white group? Let's think about this.

Q. What's the best move to attack white's six stones?

Hint: Gain ********* and ******** while attacking!

Let's see how black should chase white.

You can lead the group into your position, or you can develop your moyo by attacking it.

Let's look at the one space jump first. It's the simplest move black can choose.

Since all moves here are vital, neither side can tenuki.

Now it's time to assess those moves.

Black developed the top side by jumping several times.

To use that thickness, black needs to do something on the left side.

But unfortunately for black, white's position here is pretty solid.

Because of that, these jumps are almost useless.

Let's analyze white's moves. Initially, black had a good moyo before attacking the group.

Black could've developed the moyo further, but it's been erased now.

And it's hard for black to secure his moyo.

Even if black defends here, there's still a lot of aji on the right side.

Therefore, this attack isn't profitable for black at all.

So the one space jump isn't a good move in this case.

In this regard, the knight's move is similar.

In response, white will keep pushing like this.

If white jumps out with a knight's move, it's very similar to the previous variation.

White easily managed her group by coming out to the center.

As white plays here, the potential of black's moyo is erased.

Therefore, the knight's move is wrong too.

In this case, this long knight's move is the answer.

This capping move is another option for black.

In response, white has to come out with a kosumi, then black plays a knight's move.

White has to keep escaping like this.

After that, black chases the white group by jumping. If black plays around here, the massive moyo will be completed.

Eventually, white has to invade the center, leaving her weak group at the top.

Undoubtedly, it'll be a tough game for white.

In this case, black needs to attack white expanding his moyo.

This is the right direction to attack.

Q. What's the best move to attack white's six stones?

Hint: Gain territory and influence while attacking!

A: 5 points

B: 10 points

C: 5 points

Capturing a dragon isn't everything when attacking.

You can also win a game with an attack from which you gain both territory and influence!

Today's problems are from pro games.

The players attacked their opponents' groups to take control of the games.

Even though they might have been difficult, they're good examples.

Next time, we'll learn how to find vital points while attacking.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Thank you!

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