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Level Up to 3 Kyu is a Baduk TV series designed to fast track single digit kyu players to 3 kyu. The presenter, Lee Jihyun, is a 3 dan professional Go player. This is lesson 27.

Lesson 27

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Transcript of the video

Translated by Oh Chimin 7d

Edited by David Ormerod 5d

Episode 27 - Life and Death II

Hello everyone, welcome back to 'Level Up to 3 Kyu'. I'm Lee Jihyun 3p.

Throughout this series, you'll learn practical moves as well as life and death shapes.

Whether you intend it or not, your reading will improve during these lessons!

Let's start today's lesson!

How did you like our practical life and death problems last time?

Since you're likely to face such situations in your games, I hope you'll apply what you've learned.

Today, we're going to look at some new problems.

Let's look at this corner first.

In response to white's approach, black pincered here.

After that, white jumped and pressed.

It's similar to a joseki we learned about previously.

In general, black shouldn't exchange this move.

That's because white has an aim in the corner.

So this is a bad exchange.

Let's suppose black's already exchanged these moves.

Unlike the other variation, black has a stone here.

Will it make a difference after white's invasion?

Is it possible for white to play here?

Let's try this move first.

Here's your first problem. Rescue this stone.

If you need a hint, remember, you learned about this shape in our last lesson.

Can you guess what the answer is?

First, white needs to exchange these moves.

Then this tiger's mouth is good.

Thanks to this move, white's alive now.

What if black descends here, to capture the group?

This move is sente.

Black has to connect, then white makes an eye like this.

Now this group's alive.

If black blocks here, this kosumi is a good forcing exchange.

Then making a tiger's mouth is vital and white can survive in the corner.

This move isn't good enough to capture white's group.

Instead, these moves are more powerful.

If black plays a tiger's mouth, white will slide here.

After black blocks, white pushes and black blocks here.

Even though white can't survive in the corner, she can aim at this cutting point.

If black can't deal with this cut, he'll be in trouble.

Therefore, you must be aware of this weakness.

It means that without a supporting stone like this, black can't play a tiger's mouth.

Let's imagine white approaches here at some point.

Then wouldn't this invasion be possible?

Yes it would.

It's similar to another joseki we learned.

To remove this aji, black needs to have a stone around here.

If white has a stone here, she can invade at 3-3 and take the corner.

It will be a strong aim.

Because of this slide, it's hard for black to capture this group.

In other words, black has a critical weakness.

So how about this move?

White will play some forcing moves.

Let's suppose white has a stone here.

Now this cut is possible.

Therefore, black has to decide whether to attack white or not.

Black played a diagonal attachment and a knight's move.

If white's solid, she can invade at 3-3.

Once white plays there, it's almost impossible to capture.

So this is white's aji.

Let's move on to another shape.

We're going to investigate this position.

This stone is placed not on the third line, but on the fourth line.

It's quite similar to the last variation. However, black extended here.

After this knight's move, black can tenuki, despite the aji at 3-3.

However, black's combination intends to build a larger territory.

If it becomes black's territory, he'll gain 25 points.

I think this position is good. Do you think there's any aji in black's area?

Yes, there is.

In this case, this peep hits a vital point.

In response, black has to connect.

Then white moves into the corner.

Blocking here isn't a good idea.

If white comes out, black has no proper answers.

After this hane, white counter-hanes.

Black can double hane, but there's a cutting point.

Black has to rescue his stone.

So white can save her group.

She's made several points inside black's moyo.

Black needs another response.

Blocking here is the only good response.

This peep strikes at the second vital point.

If black tries to capture these two stones, white will compromise.

White gains lots of points here.

Because of that, black has to connect.

Here's a question. How would you save the corner?

Can you see the vital point?

If white can't save her group, her previous tesujis will lose their meaning.

The third tesuji is this move.

Thanks to this move, white's now safe.

How about this hane? Reducing eye space is one of the best ways of attacking.

However, white can easily live in the corner.

Above all, this move is sente.

After that, many moves are possible.

We can try this placement.

But the result will be similar.

If black descends, white will block here.

After capturing this stone, white's group is alive.

Thanks to these three vital points, white can survive in the corner.

Let's look at some other responses for black.

Some people would think about this move, instead of connecting here.

Black has two ways of blocking.

Regardless of black's choice, white's answer will be the same.

Can you guess the answer?

In this case, this cut is awesome!

After that, black can't capture this stone.

If he does so, white can connect with this combination.

It's a disaster for black.

Instead, he needs to fall back with an empty triangle.

After that, white can capture these stones.

By exploiting this stone, white got profit at the bottom.

Since these stones are big, it's good enough for white.

If black connects, white can push and live in the corner.

If black blocks, white cuts here and captures black's stones.

Remember these tesujis!

Now let's investigate alternatives to white's peep.

I imagine you're wondering whether or not this invasion is possible?

It works when this stone is placed on the third line. How about now?

It may be possible, but we need to focus on this stone.

Thanks to this, black can capture white.

Where should black play?

If black blocks here, it will be similar to the previous variation.

This move looks peculiar, but it's very powerful.

Don't forget the position of black's move.

White has several choices to rescue the corner.

This tiger's mouth looks good, but black can slide here now.

White has to block, but this placement occupies the vital point.

White can't make two eyes here.

Despite struggling, this group dies.

This extension is a nice move.

Unfortunately, white can't survive in the corner.

Let's try another move.

After the peep, how about this attachment?

If black answers here, white can easily save her group.

In this case, the vital point is in the center.

It's essential for both sides.

White has to hane, then black extends here.

White has to defend her cutting point.

Then black will connect.

What if white pushes and cuts? I told you about this weakness earlier.

But in this case, black has a supporting stone here.

Who will win the capturing race?

Black can easily capture white.

White's too short of liberties to win.

Let's look at it again.

Look at this variation.

If black's stone is placed on the fourth line, the 3-3 invasion is inappropriate.

Instead, this peep is a better move.

This invasion is often played.

However, the situation is different now.

When black has a stone on the left side, he can play here and capture white.

This peep is a nice move though.

This is black's weakness in this position.

I hope you'll remember both the peep and the 3-3 invasion.

1 Minute Summary

Today's lesson is related to our previous lesson.

No matter which move black chooses, white can invade the corner.

There's aji around the 3-3 invasion and the peep.

This knight's move is often played in actual games, so don't forget this!

If you study this lesson carefully, it will be very useful.

Next time, we'll look at tesujis that we can play against enclosures.

And we'll also learn how to prevent such tesujis.

Thank you!

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