Baduk TV English: Interview with Lee Sedol – Part 1 – 17th GS Caltex Cup

This is an interview with Lee Sedol 9 dan, which took place after he won the 17th GS Caltex Cup.

Lee discusses many things, including his thoughts about Go (and mirror Go), the next generation of top players, and his family. This part of the video has subtitles.

Lee then reviews his semifinal game with Park Junghwan. The game was played on April 18, 2012. Lee Sedol plays black and Park Junghwan plays white. This part of the video is dubbed.

Lee Sedol vs Park Junghwan

Video: Lee Sedol vs Park Junghwan - 17th GS Caltex Cup

Watch Lee Sedol play Park Junghwan on Baduk TV

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