Baduk TV Beta Issues & Bugs

Some day we might setup a better system for tracking issues and bugs, but for now we’ll keep track of them on this page and use the comment system to discuss problems openly.

If the number of problems reported becomes too large, we’ll reconsider this approach.

Please report problems below

As this is still a beta test, there are likely to be quite a few problems with our system that need to be fixed. Please report any problems by leaving a comment below.  You can subscribe to get email notifications when someone comments on this page.

If your problem is better kept confidential, please email it to [email protected]

I’ll keep a running summary of known problems, workarounds and the current state of things on this page.

Feature requests are on a different page

There’s a separate page for feature requests. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss with us and other beta subscribers, please raise it here.

Summary of known problems


Current known bugs

5. Expired subscriptions display a blank page instead of a message explaining what has happened

What happens: If you let your account expire, logging in shows a blank page with no video, there’s no error message to explain that your account has expired.

What to do: Check your profile to see if your account has expired. This should only happen if you’ve cancelled your automatic payments or you have one of the very early beta accounts that never got setup properly.

6. The renew link on the profile page doesn’t setup recurring payments properly

What happens: If your account expires because you don’t have an automatic payment setup, the renew link in your profile doesn’t currently setup the monthly payment correctly and only charges for one month in advance. We have to add one month to your account manually when this happens.

What to do: Please don’t use that link for the time being and email me instead at [email protected] – I’ll send you the correct link for setting your account up properly. You should only have to do this once.

Current known issues

Login or password problems

What happens: You can’t login, have forgotten your password or aren’t sure if your account was created properly.

What to do: Visit our password reset page, enter your email address and click ‘Get New Password’. The system will either send you a password reset email or tell you that you don’t have an account at Go Game Guru yet.

Something else…

Please leave a comment below or email [email protected] – we’ll sort it out for you and add any necessary updates to this page.