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In Korea, the game of Go is called Baduk.

And Baduk TV is a television station that broadcasts programs exclusively about Go.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live games with commentary, game reviews and the highest quality lessons on all aspects of Go.

Unfortunately though, Baduk TV has never been easily accessible outside of Korea.

At least, it wasn’t…

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Go Game Guru teamed up with Baduk TV to create a product we call Baduk TV English.

Baduk TV already produces the best Go videos available anywhere in the world. The presenters are professional Go players and the production values are as high as you’d expect from a serious TV channel.

So how do you make something like that even better?

We took the best of Baduk TV, assembled a team who are not only native speakers of Korean or English, but also top amateur or professional level Go players, and got them to work together to translate the videos into fluent English for you.

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