China wins 13th Nongshim Cup

On February 24, 2012, Team China took the 13th Nongshim Cup, after Xie He 7p defeated Lee Changho 9p in the final game.

Xie He (7 dan) takes the Nongshim Cup for China.

The Nongshim Cup is a team event between China, Japan and Korea. The sponsor, Nongshim, is a Korean instant noodles company.

Korea won the 12th Nongshim Cup last year. In fact, Korea has tended to dominate this event, winning it 10 times.

In contrast, up until now, China and Japan had only won it once each.

The tournament uses a win and continue format, which is common in these team events. For example, the Huang Longshi Cup also uses this format.

The first two rounds took place in late 2011 with Tan Xiao 5p of China and Kim Jiseok 7p of Korea emerging as star players of the tournament. Tan and Kim each won four consecutive games.

Gu Li (9 dan, left) plays Kim Jiseok (7 dan) in the 13th Nongshim Cup.

Tan defeated Hane Naoki 9p and Yuki Satoshi 9p of Japan and An Kukhyun 3p and Kang Yootaek 4p of Korea. Kim defeated Tan, as well as Yamashita Keigo 9p of Japan and Piao Wenyao 9p and Gu Li 9p of China.

Kim’s run was cut short by China’s last man standing, Xie He 7p. Xie went on to defeat Won Seongjin 9p of Korea, which brought him up against Korea’s final player, Lee Changho 9p.

Lee Changho (9 dan, left) plays Xie He (7 dan).

One of the reasons Korea has won the Nongshim Cup so many times is Lee Changho and his excellent performance as Korea’s ‘goal keeper’. It was never going to be an easy game for Xie.

However, even though Xie He is ranked 7 dan, he’s currently the number one player in China (tied with Tan Xiao) and, as we’ve noted before on Go Game Guru, he’s probably the most talented Chinese player never to win an international title.

It was a battle of wills as both players struggled for every last point in drawn out ko fights. Black eventually won by 3.5 points, giving China its second win in the Nongshim Cup.

Congratulations Team China!

Gu Li (second from left) and Xie He (far right) receive a prize on behalf of Team China.

Game records

Kim Jiseok vs Gu Li


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Kim Jiseok vs Xie He


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Won Seongjin vs Xie He


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Xie He vs Lee Changho


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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