Choi Jung makes her breakthrough in the 13th Female Myeongin

On January 26, 2012, Choi Jung 1p defeated Kim Miri 2p to claim the 13th Women’s Myeongin (the Myeongin is the Korean equivalent of the Japanese Meijin).

Youngest female title holder

Winners are grinners: Choi Jung wins her first domestic Korean title at 15 years of age.

At only 15 years of age, Choi also became the youngest female title holder in Korea.

Choi’s rise as a professional Go player has been remarkable.

She turned pro in mid 2010 and only a mere 18 months later, claimed her first major female title.


Taking down the big guns

En route to the final, Choi defeated Park Jieun 9p and Cho Hyeyeon 9p. Last year, she also reached the final of 5th Women’s Kisung (the Korean equivalent of the Japanese Kisei, but was defeated by the legendary Rui Naiwei 9p.

Choi Jung (left, 1 dan) plays Park Jieun (9 dan) in the semifinal.


A wicked sense of humor…

Choi has a wicked sense of humor. In an interview after her win she expressed her disappointment that she wasn’t able to play Rui (who recently returned to China) in this year’s Myeongin tournament.

She then cheekily suggested that perhaps Rui wanted to avoid playing her and therefore ‘ran away’!

Choi also said that a typical day for her involves 12 hours of studying Go at an insei school, where she still lives and trains.

Kim Miri (left, 2 dan) plays Choi Jung (1 dan) in the final.

Choi’s goal for 2012 is to get selected by a team and play in the Korean Baduk League. With her recent impressive performance, she is surely not far away from achieving her goal and is definitely an exciting prospect for Go in Korea.

Congratulations Choi!


Game records: 13th Female Myeongin final

Choi Jung vs Kim Miri – Game 1


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Kim Miri vs Choi Jung – Game 2


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. wow at 15 after only 3/4 year already women’s Myeongin title not bad looking forward to the future of women baduk

  2. 12 hours per day? what does she do to train?

    • MarcoRosso says:

      Probably a combination of Go problems, Joseki, Fuseki, Game reviews, and playing against other students at the school.

      With any luck it’ll be that intense at BIBA in May for me.

  3. She ended up being first elimination in Huanglongshi Cup. Whoops.

  4. Wicked sense of humor? Sounds more like pure arrogance to me.