Go Commentary: Hane Naoki vs Yamashita Keigo – 66th Honinbo

Hane Naoki plays Yamashita Keigo in the final game of the 66th Honinbo title match.

This is a commentary of the last game of the 66th Honinbo title match between Hane Naoki 9p and Yamashita Keigo 9p.

Yamashita won first three games, but Hane won next three games and made it a tie at 3-3. In general, we could expect Hane to win from this position in a reverse sweep.

Anyway, let’s review the final game of the 66th Honinbo final and see what happened.

Commented game record

Hane Naoki vs Yamashita Keigo – 66th Honinbo Final Game 7


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Dusk Eagle says:

    Very interesting game. I was tuning into it live throughout the two days it was played and was hoping you’d review it. I didn’t understand why B119 wasn’t at B13, so I’m glad you pointed out the A7 tesuji which I missed.

  2. Michael says:

    Great commentary, and really interesting game!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful (and complex) game, I am glad that Yamashita won. Thanks very much for the clear commentary, it is always a pleasure to read your explanations!

  4. On B279, why doesn’t he play on Q5?

    • An Younggil 8p says:

      Then W can cut at Q2, B P3, W S2, and B cannot save those five stones in the corner.