Go Commentary: Iyama Yuta vs Yamashita Keigo – 18th Agon Cup

This game is from the final of the 18th Agon Cup. It’s between Iyama Yuta 9p and Yamashita Keigo 9p.

Yamashita Keigo (9 dan)

These two players are also playing in the 36th Meijin title match at the moment.

I played games with Iyama and Yamashita, once each, a long time ago.

I played a game with Yamashita at the Rookies’ friendship matches between China, Japan and Korea in 1999.Β At that time, he wasn’t yet so popular, but his play was very creative and lively

After the game, I became a fan of his, as I was so impressed by his play.

Iyama Yuta (9 dan)

I also once played with Iyama in 2002. He visited Korea for the preliminary match of Samsung Cup, and I played a friendly practice game with him.

He was so small and young, but he played quite well and I lost that game. As you can see he is one of the best players in the world now. However, I was embarrassed because he was so young and unknown at the time.

Anyway, let’s review the game…

Commented game record

Iyama Yuta vs Yamashita Keigo


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Very interesting game. Loved your commentary as always!

  2. Great game with great commentary. I went through the game record when it was first published but the commentary adds so much it really shows what a great game it was.


  3. Out of curiosity, do you still have the game records of your matches with either Yamashita or Iyama? Those would certainly make an interesting post.

  4. Wow d10 was creative! After o9, if b plays p7, q7 , o7, does w expect to live in sente or something? Also after n18 probe, what happens if w capture d17 stone?

    • An Younggil 8p says:

      Good questions.
      First, if B plays at p7, W’d go at s5 and there’s no problem for W to live.
      Secondly, if W plays at e17 instead of n17, B’d go at n17 and capture W’s stones.

  5. I reviewed the game and loved the commentary as always. One question…after reviewing the opening a few times, it seems to me that w was already in trouble before the overplay at w42. B is pretty strong everywhere and w is still escaping up top. Also, w right group can be harrassed for some good position in the center. It seems B has a lot of powerful moves. Can you point out any major errors by w before move 42 that lead to this? Or am I not seeing it correctly? Thanks!

    • An Younggil 8p says:

      Very good question.
      If W playd at k13 instead of W42, the game should still be even. As you said, B is pretty strong and solid, but W also has good position on the left, so W is better than it looks.
      However, if you still think B is favourable, I can say W30 can be questionable. Attach at k16, B j17, W m15 would be a better idea.

  6. Thanks for the commentary. Quite an interesting fight πŸ™‚

  7. dear an younggil, i can’t see the stones correctly played… the stones does’nt apperas on the junctions of the lines, can you help me please? or tell me what’s the problem?
    thanks for your consideration

    • An Younggil 8p says:

      Which stones do you mean? Would you explain more precisely please?

      • sorry for my english, i ‘m french ans have a lot of problem to express myself. i want to say that a stone, for example, played on 4-4, i see her between 4-4 and 5-5. one month ago, when i used to visit your site, i didn’t have this problem

        • David Ormerod says:

          Thanks for telling us Ludwig,

          I’m looking into this problem.

          Did you recently upgrade your web browser? Which web browser are you using and what is the version number?

          Do you have a different web browser you can try it in please? Do you still see this problem?

          Thanks for your help.

          • david you were right, i was using google chrome, and on mozilla, i don’t have any problem! so maybe i have an old version of chrome.
            In any case, i thank you for your help πŸ™‚