Go Commentary: Lee Changho vs Lee Sedol – 6th Price Information Cup

Here is the commented game for game one of the 6th Price Information Cup, which we reported here. The game was between Lee Sedol 9p and Lee Changho 9p. It was a very interesting game of Go and we hope you enjoy it.

Commented game record

Lee Changho vs Lee Sedol – 6th Price Information Cup


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Thank you young gil for the commentary

  2. Uberdude says:

    Really old post, but thanks for this review. I played a game with a similar opening (black just made slightly dubious r13 p16 exchange) at http://www.online-go.com/games/board.php?boardID=322249. But I was not patient enough to play f17 and reduced black immediately at m5. Do you think this was ok timing? (I know I made bigger mistakes with that group later!)

  3. For move 19, O6 seems to be a bit more popular these days. Possible here? Is there any particular reason for the new move, or is it just a way of developing around here without running into prepared lines?

    • Younggil An says:

      You’re right Hippo.
      Black 19 was Lee Changho’s style of move. He doesn’t like moyo game, so he chose that lower approach. O6 is more active and lively than jumping at A, so that move has become more popular I think.

  4. Am I right that white cannot play 34 at C16 due to black B17 d17; E17 E16; E18 B18; D19 A18; F16 F15; G16 D15; F13?

    Is that all right or am I missing something (e.g. at the end of that line)?

    • Younggil An says:

      That’s a possible idea, but Black will play at the top instead of F13.
      White’s left side is big, but it’s already reduced, so it’s not satisfactory for White.

  5. Thanks Younggil. I’ll have a think about that 🙂

  6. Yes, I see. I was complacently thinking black got sente from the fighting and would get to play L17 anyway. Thanks.