Get free worldwide shipping on Go boards, stones and bowls

Get free worldwide shipping at the Go Game Shop

Get free worldwide shipping on Go boards, Go stones and Go bowls at Go Game Guru.

Have you ever wished you could get free worldwide shipping on Go equipment?

We did.

But since nobody was offering it, we decided to do it ourselves!

Starting today, you can buy Go boards, Go stones and Go bowls from our Go Game Shop and get free shipping to anywhere that mail goes to.

It doesn’t matter whether it gets there by truck, by plane or by camel.

How can they offer free shipping?

You might be wondering why nobody else has done this yet, or… whether we’re crazy.

I’m fairly sure we’re not – at least I hope so.

Over the past two years we’ve been gradually setting up distribution of Go products with the aim of making them more widely available, and affordable, globally.

We started off with Go books, because they’re cheaper, lighter and generally more forgiving when you make mistakes.

And now we’re ready to do Go equipment too.

Forward deployment

Forward deployment – Go style.

As of today, we have affordable Go equipment ready to ship in four convenient locations around the world.

We’ve distributed it geographically closer to you and already shipped it for the majority of the distance using (cheaper, but slower) sea freight.

Because of that, we can minimize the overall cost and time involved in getting it to your house when you order.

That means the shipping cost is reduced (and we pay it for you anyway) and you get your order faster!

This strategy is called ‘forward deployment’ and it’s thought to have been invented by Alexander the Great around the same time when Go might have been invented.

He always ensured his troops had adequate supplies at a new location and made arrangements where necessary, before moving them.

A wide range of Go boards

In addition, we have luxury Go boards and other equipment in our store that we’ll work with factories to ship directly from Asia to your door. And the shipping is still free.

This way we can we can offer a wider range of products for people who are interested in them and make them easier to get.

Highlights from the new Go equipment

Here are a few of our favorites from the new Go equipment we have in store…

1. The Go Bento Box

The Go Bento Box – A compact and portable design for glass Go stones in plastic bowls.

When you think about it, storing lunch Go stones in a compact and portable way just makes sense.

How many times have you been taking a Go set somewhere to play a game and had to juggle a board and two bowls?

I have countless memories of doing that and this clever design solves that problem, which is why it scored the number 1 place.

Read more about the Go Bento Box here.

2. Shin Kaya Go Board with Pro Grade Stones

A 2.4” shin kaya Go board, with professional standard size 36 glass Go stones and ash Go bowls.

Here are three products that go well together:

These are the exact make and size of stones used in professional Go tournaments in Korea, which is why they come in at number 2.

All of the products so far are ready to ship from all four of our locations and will arrive very quickly within the US, UK and Australia.

3. Lee Changho Signature Go Board

The Lee Changho Signature Go Board: A beautiful kaya Go board, signed by Lee Changho himself.

Last but not least, the Lee Changho Signature Go board.

This beautiful floor Go board was made from an exceptionally rare, high quality piece of kaya.

And the finished product was signed by, the Stone Buddha himself, Lee Changho 9 dan.

I’d love to buy this one for myself, but I can’t afford it.

But even if the asking price puts it out of most people’s price range, the photos are still a pleasure to look at, which is why this one came in 3rd.

You can click here to see all these products and more. Which one’s your favorite?

What’s next?

So this has been a really busy year and I’m glad that this is all up and up and running before the end of the end of December (even if not really in time for Christmas).

Now we’re going to focus on making sure the Go Game Shop and Baduk TV are running smoothly for awhile.

We want to gradually reduce costs by shipping more products and pass those savings on to the Go community.

Coming in 2013: The Dirt Cheap Go Set

Some time ago, some friends told me a story about how the unique combination of very cheap Go sets and beginners manuals, and some good teachers, resulted in a generation of strong Go players in Romania (including Catalin Taranu 5p).

We don’t know if trying to reproduce those conditions will produce the same results (there were, of course, many other factors involved), but we want to try anyway.

So we’ve come up with a product we’re calling the ‘Dirt Cheap Go Set’, and we’re aiming for a target price of $10, for a Go board, stones and bowls.

At the moment we’re thinking the best thing for promoting Go would be a portable set with a foldable board made of vinyl (or perhaps silicone), but we’re open to suggestions and I’d like to hear what you think about it.

Over to you

You can share your ideas by leaving a comment below.

How would you make a dirt cheap Go set?


About David Ormerod

David is a Go enthusiast who’s played the game for more than a decade. He likes learning, teaching, playing and writing about the game Go. He's taught thousands of people to play Go, both online and in person at schools, public Go demonstrations and Go clubs. David is a 5 dan amateur Go player who competed in the World Amateur Go Championships prior to starting Go Game Guru. He's also the editor of Go Game Guru.

You can follow Go Game Guru on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.


  1. Does that hold true to parts sold to Brazil?
    Do you intend to increase the go ebook library?

    • David Ormerod says:

      Yes, when we say worldwide we literally mean worldwide – as in, everywhere.

      We won’t necessarily make a profit in every conceivable scenario, but the primary purpose of this site is to promote Go and we want to see what happens when you take shipping out of the equation.

      Regarding ebooks, yes we’d like to offer more of them, but it’s hard to find people who want to sell their books in any of the popular digital formats (I think mainly because they’re worried about piracy).

      So we’ll have to write our own books to do it and that will take some time.

      • If piracy is their worry they ought to have no fear. They’re mostly already out there. They’d only be adding revenue by putting it up officially.

  2. Charleschapple says:

    Drooling over that Lee Changho board. What a work of art.

    • Ditto, and that 100k USD board is also magnificient. Still have to play a 1000 years to be good enough to use one of those, though.

    • David Ormerod says:

      You can tell from the photos that the photographer thought it was awesome too .

  3. You make it sound so easy. But I know it took a lot of work. Good job.

  4. Byung Soo Lee says:

    I hope that there are some rich people out there willing to purchase the expensive stuff because those boards deserve to be enjoyed by someone.

  5. УРААААААААААА!!!! Its really a good news! I hope price and assortment will be competitive.. Now let’s find where is this nice e-shop to make orders and ship them to Russia )

  6. probably its a good idea to sell 2 more goods: 1) go clocks (with japanese byoyomi-mode) and 2) big magnetic go boards, that can be fit on the wall to teach 10-15 ppl..

  7. Sally Gross says:

    Concerning the dirt-cheap Go set: a problem with vinyl boards is that, after rolling them up to carry them around, there is a marked “memory effect” and they do not lie flat. This may sound like a stupid idea, but I believe that the ideal may well be a cloth board with detachable weights at the corners.

    • David Ormerod says:

      Thanks Sally. Cloth is an interesting idea and might be the best solution. The memory effect of vinyl is definitely a downside. On the other hand, I suspect that playing outside with a cloth board (even with weights) could be problematic if there was even a little bit of wind. Silicone might avoid both those problems, but could end up being too expensive.

      I was partly looking for something that people could use to setup a Go club at little expense and easily take out into the streets to promote Go.

      There has to be a compromise somewhere, of course, so I guess the question is really which trade-off is the most acceptable?

  8. Dirt cheap: have you investigated for the board? Custom laser cutting/engraving with clean lines that won’t fade. They’ll engrave nearly any material from stainless steel to cardboard with what seems to be pretty good pricing. Looks like you’d have to design a board and upload it before you’d know how much the final product would be. My vote would be 1/4″ hardboard as it can be used without blowing away and has reasonable durability. Depending on the size of the stones, it can be small or split into two parts. I’m glad there’s somebody thinking along these lines, as I have made do for years with a piece of white vinyl and a hand drawn grid with glass vase rocks for stones.

  9. As for dirt cheap go boards..several options..pine and magic marker make great folding boards.tiny hinges are cheap too. if though you want even cheaper…laminate..wood laminate or particle board us next to nothing

  10. Dirt cheap go boards: I’d stick to the idea of the silicone, that doesn’t have the memory effect, is light enough and can be printed with the design needed. Don’t know about price. As it would be a rollable board, two tubes (that can be connected for transportation) can be used to hold the stones. The tubes (PVC or other suitable light material), that are closed on both ends, can be opened like a chest (lengthwise) to be used for playing.

    • Still to dirt cheap go board: leather. It can withstand some punishment, heavier than cloth and can hold the paint for years.

  11. I was going to say some witty combination involving flannel shirts and wombat poo, but on extensive research it happens in a remarkable freak of nature that wombat poo is actually cubic rather than disc-shaped, and therefore unsuitable for use as the black stones in go.

  12. Edward Craig says:

    I have had a naugahide board since the seventies. Always wanted wood but the naugahide print has held up.

  13. Cheap board: some rollable thin cardboard, the grid drawn with a black ballpoint and a ruler. To keep the board from rolling up while playing, keep the corners down with some fairly heavy flat things that lay around, like upside down small saucers.
    Cheap stones: the unbent caps of beer bottles that are painted black and white, or pink and light blue. About 150 per side suffice.
    Cheap bowls: ruggedised medium sized plastic bags and some cord to close the bags while travelling.

    The beauty of this is, that the would-be players like school children can start with making the equipment themselves, generating a bond with the game itself.

    Kind regards,

  14. This is amazing, and really inspiring. Solid selection. I hope the outreach reaches many players – shipping seems to be a big factor in obtaining Go equipment. I’d be fascinated to see how this turns out.

  15. You said dirt cheap to promote Go but I think they are two different issues. Dirt cheap is great to carry around to play casual games with other Go players but if you want to promote Go to new players I think you need a good looking set thats not full size (13×13 allows quick fun game). An attractive set which you can have quick games on might grab a new player’s imagination who might then move on to a full size board. I’m fairly new to Go and dare I say still play most my game on a 13×13 by board 19×19 is still a bit scarey.

  16. Soft boards of any kind are a huge turn off.

  17. Here in China an extremely common kind of board is one that is made of a laminate material (not sure exactly what). You find them in practically any go school. They are very thin and light and super cheap but they still feel like a proper board when you play on them. Combine that with cheap stones in decent looking bowls and you got yourself a very cheap but still enjoyable set. A smaller version of that kind of board would be practical for carrying around and distributing. I think anything is better than plastic bowls for the stones, hamper-style or even textile bags are better than plastic bowls imo. Maybe with the exception of that Bento-box one 🙂

  18. Foldable cardboard boards and plastic stones. Maybe laminated cardboard? Works for chess and playing cards. That’s what you have to compete with. If the boards are cheap enough, it doesn’t matter if you have to replace them every year or so. The stones will probably get lost and have to be replaced anyway. Yes, small boards are important for teaching and popularising.

  19. David Ormerod says:

    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and ideas!

    You’ve given us a lot to think about.

  20. Any chance this free shipping will soon apply to books as well?

    • David Ormerod says:

      That’s unlikely at the moment, but we’ll do our best to reduce prices on shipping anyway.

  21. Edward Craig says:

    I still hold out for the naugagide board because it’s survived through my various backpacks since the 70s, still intact, still flexible. held up better than my bakelite Go bowls.

  22. Unnamed Person says:

    Why did free shipping stop?

    • Younggil An says:

      The shipping cost got higher, and it’s hard for us to keep doing it. However, we down the price around 10~20%, so the price would still be reasonable.

  23. Arvind Shrinivas says:

    Do you have deliveries to India GO fans?