Gangnam Style hopes reignited as Won Punch sizes up against a tiger: 17th LG Cup

On November 7, 2012, the 17th LG Cup semifinals concluded with Won Seongjin 9p and Shi Yue 5p proceeding to the final.

Shi Yue delivers

Kang Donyun (9 dan, left) plays Shi Yue (5 dan) in the semifinals of the 17th LG Cup.

With this win, Shi Yue is still on track to repeat Baek Hongseok’s feat at the 4th BC Card Cup earlier this year, as the sole representative from his country in the semifinals.

All of China’s hopes were pinned on Shi, who defeated Kang Dongyun 9p in his semifinal match.

Kang Dongyun earned his place in the semifinal by defeating Li Kang 6p while Shi was too strong for young Korean star, Na Hyun 2p, in their quarter final game.

Two up and coming players: Shi Yue (5 dan) and Na Hyun (2 dan) meet in the 17th LG Cup quarter finals.

The quarter finals took place on November 5, 2012.

17th LG Cup Quarter Finalists: (from left) Shi Yue, Kang Dongyun, Choi Cheolhan and Won Seongjin.


Tiger Cubs grow up

Shi Yue’s arrival in the final marks yet another salvo from the Chinese tiger cub generation (born in the 1990s) in international finals.

China’s ‘Tiger Cub Generation’ are making their presence felt in the Go world.

This generation were dubbed the tiger cubs by the Chinese Weiqi media, because of their ferocity in fighting and their propensity to upset more experienced players in domestic games.

Other tiger cubs include Jiang Weijie 9p, who won last year’s 16th LG Cup, Dang Yifei 4p, who was the runner up in the 4th BC Card Cup, Fan Tingyu 3p, who’s contesting the final of the 7th Ing Cup, Tan Xiao 7p and Zhou Ruiyang 5p.

With their appearance in important international matches becoming more commonplace, it seems the tigers have finally grown claws. The question now is how sharp are they?

A second title for Won?

Won Seongjin 9p won the all Korean semifinal against Choi Cheolhan 9p.

Can Won Seongjin 9 dan make it two titles in two international finals?

Won had earlier defeated another fellow countryman, Lee Younggu 9p, in the quarter finals.

Oppan Gangnam Style?

One question on everyone’s mind is, does Won’s promise to dance Gangnam style if he wins (in the Samsung Cup) also apply to the LG Cup?

Won Seongjin, known as ‘Won Punch’ for his powerful haymaker, promised his fans he’d dance Gangnam style if he defended his Samsung Cup title earlier this year.

But the lighthearted hopes of many Go fans were dashed by Park Junghwan 9p in the Samsung’s quarter finals.

Choi Cheolhan gets stood up

Choi Cheolhan 9p waited in vain for his quarter final opponent, Lian Xiao 4p, who was absent due to illness.

Waiting in vain: Choi Cheolhan waits patiently, only to be stood up by Lian Xiao.

Perhaps Choi now regrets not having the warm up game that everyone else played?

Gangnam Style or Tiger Cub?

Who are you backing for the final? Are you ready to see the tigers roar or would you like Younggil to put in a special request for Gangnam style from the Western Go community?

Leave a comment below to voice your opinion.

The LG Cup finals

The 17th LG Cup will be decided by a best of 3 match in mid-February 2013. Games will be broadcast live on Baduk TV.

We’ll let you know when it starts and, as usual, we’ll also bring you game records and photos from the final.

About the LG Cup

The LG Cup is a major international Go tournament. It started in 1996 and the prize money is currently 250 million Won.

The main draw of 32 players is part invitational, comprising of 5 Korean players, 5 Chinese players, 4 Japanese players, 1 Taiwanese player and including the previous year’s winner and runner up.

The rest of the main draw is determined through a preliminary tournament. The format is single knockout, with the final played as a best of 3 games.

The tournament is sponsored by LG Electronics, a multinational consumer electronics company whose headquarters are in South Korea.

Game records

Choi Cheolhan vs Won Seongjin


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Shi Yue vs Kang Dongyun


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Shi Yue vs Na Hyun


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Lee Younggu vs Won Seongjin


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


Kang Dongyun vs Li Kang


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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