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At Go Game Guru, we like to keep the Go news separate from other news. Here you'll find the latest news about what's been happening on our website, as well as articles that don't quite fit anywhere else.

Changes to Go Game Guru in 2015

Kuro the ninja is also hard at work.

Over the last four years Go Game Guru has evolved a lot. From today, Younggil will be publishing his own articles without any help from me – the first of which will be published shortly. Jing will also start publishing her news articles without me proofreading them…

Join the American Go Association and get two months of Baduk TV English for free


Want to try Baduk TV English for free? From now until the end of January (2015), you can get two months of free access to Baduk TV English (valued at $40) when you join the American Go Association…

So Go Game Guru is in Canada now, eh?

Go Game Guru is now in Canada too!

Today I can finally announce that Go Game Guru has come to Canada! Our new warehouse near Toronto will provide cheaper and faster local shipping options to Canadians. This builds upon our existing services in the US, UK, Australia and Asia…

Hinoki Press is now part of Go Game Guru

The Hinoki Press logo. Hinoki  (檜) is the Japanese name for the Japanese Cyprus tree.

Go Game Guru recently bought Hinoki Press from Chris Greene, the founder of Hinoki. Hinoki Press is a Go book publishing company which started in 2006. Since then, Hinoki has published a total of 18 Go books…

Out of print Go books on sale now (only while stocks last)


We recently received a shipment of Go books from Oromedia. Unfortunately, Oromedia went out of business last year and won’t be publishing or printing any more Go books. The books that we’ve received from them are the last ones and they’re now out of print. These books are discounted by 50% or more…

Apology for recent delays at Go Game Guru

I’m sorry about recent delays and the lack of updates on our website. Everything is now back to normal and is being addressed.

How we just saved a customer $93 on international shipping for this Go board


If you live somewhere other than the US or Western Europe, you know how expensive international shipping can be, right? Especially when you want to buy something as heavy, big and unusual as a Go board. It’s just hard to find them locally in most places…

Happy new year! Here’s to 2014

This is my dog Mac, he's 14, he likes Go and he approves this message.

Happy new year everyone! Thanks for making 2013 another great year at Go Game Guru. Wishing you all the best for 2014! From David, Younggil and Jing.

Buy a Go board for just $5 (plus, new Go game sets now available)


Since we announced our new Go equipment last month, we’ve received a lot of requests to sell the Go boards in the Featherweight Go Set individually, without the stones. Today we’re pleased to announce the Featherweight Go Board – a lightweight, portable Go board which you can buy for just $5, including free worldwide shipping…

Introducing new, affordable Go equipment (plus, why we’ve changed our pricing)

The Featherweight Go Set, among the lightest full size Go sets you can find anywhere, saves you money on shipping.

You may have noticed that we’ve recently added some new equipment to our store and adjusted some of our prices. We’ve received quite a lot questions about this, so I thought I should write a quick post to explain these changes…