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At Go Game Guru, we like to keep the Go news separate from other news. Here you'll find the latest news about what's been happening on our website, as well as articles that don't quite fit anywhere else.

Why the Go book shop hasn’t reopened yet

A few people contacted me recently wanting to buy Go books and asked when our Go book shop would be open again. It’s been a few weeks since we temporarily closed the shop, so I’d like to explain what’s going on. In late June 2011 we opened a trial shop to see if we could fund the promotion of Go through selling Go books and other items online. The response from readers was very positive and we’ve been working to get more Go books since then.

Want to buy Go books? Why we’re opening a Go book shop

People who visit our site regularly might have already noticed our new Go shop – where you can buy Go books and have them posted to you worldwide. As of June 23, 2011 we’re announcing it publicly. I’d like to share our plans with you and explain what we’re trying to do here…

The Instant Go Set: A free printable Go board and stones

Do you want to learn to play Go but you don’t have a Go set? Do you already know how to play Go and want to teach the game to some friends? Then the Instant Go Set is just what you need. It’s a free Go board with stones that you can download and print out at home. Once you download the file you can make as many Go sets as you want or need.

Improved performance and a free iPhone app at Go Game Guru

People who visit Go Game Guru frequently, might have noticed our new design over the last few days. Hopefully you’ve also noticed that the site is loading much faster than before. We’ve been busy upgrading our site recently, including enhancing the mobile version of the website for people who browse using their phones.

Do you wish you knew how to get your questions about the game of Go answered?

We’re excited to announce the start of our new Go Game Q&A series. If you’ve got something you’ve been wondering about, you can ask us and get a clear answer from Go Game Guru. We want to hear about things you’ve been trying to solve for awhile and haven’t been able to despite searching. We’ll take the best questions and write articles based on them. Many of the others we’ll also answer here.

Check out our new look

Just a quick post today to let you know that Go Game Guru has a new design. We’ve been working on this on and off for a few weeks now and nearly everything seems to be working finally! We’d love to hear your comments about the new site and more suggestions for improvements. Over to you guys.

Misadventure on a Qantas A380

After a two month trip around the world, we are finally home – but we only just made it. My wife and I had the bad luck to wind up flying on the ‘exploding’ Qantas A380 and the good luck to survive the experience. Qantas called to the incident an ‘uncontained engine failure’. Other, more matter-of-fact, people called it an ‘explosion’. All I can say is that I feel lucky to be alive and that I call our Captain, Richard de Crespigny, an ‘absolute champion’.

Happy Birthday Go Game Guru

Well this is our first post. I don’t imagine many people will be reading this just yet, but hopefully that will change, given time. So what is Go Game Guru? To put it simply, it’s a site dedicated to teaching and promoting the game of ‘Go’ throughout the world. It’s a collaborative effort between professional Go player An Younggil (8p) and me (David Ormerod). We both have a passion for Go and teaching it, and we recently decided to try something a bit different.