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An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: The new world – Mateusz Surma vs Ilya Shikshin

The New World Mateusz Surma vs Ilya Shkshin

Europe’s own new pros clash in the final of the 1st European Go Grand Slam 2015. Can Ilya Shikshin exact revenge on Mateusz Surma who defeated him in the 2015 European Pro Qualifiers…

Go Commentary: Iyama Yuta vs Yamashita Keigo – 39th Kisei Final


This is game 7 of the 39th Kisei title match. The game was played between Iyama Yuta and Yamashita Keigo on March 19 and 20, 2015, in Niigata, Japan. Iyama got off to a good start in this match. He won the first three games, so the score was 3-0…

An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: Rules Rule – Chen Yaoye vs Iyama Yuta


Can the outcome of the game depend on whether area scoring rule or territory scoring rule was used? Younggil is going to show you a game played between Chen Yaoye and Iyama Yuta, from the 4th China, Japan and Korea Meijin Challenge final…

Go Commentary: Yu Zhiying vs Li Qincheng – 21st Xinren Wang


This is game 3 from the 21st Xinren Wang (Rookies’ tournament) final. The game was played between Yu Zhiying 5p and Li Qincheng 1p on March 4, 2014 in Shanghai, China…

An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: Last men standing – Kim Jiseok vs Iyama Yuta


The last stage of the Nongshim Cup featured a last men standing showdown between Japan and Korea. The losing side will be out of the competition…

Go Commentary: Kim Jiseok vs Lian Xiao – 16th Nongshim Cup


This is game 13 from the 16th Nongshim Cup. The game was played between Kim Jiseok and Lian Xiao on March 5, 2015 in Shanghai, China…

Is this terrible move a tesuji?


It’s a blunder… it’s a tesuji… it’s supercrass! Coming soon to a Go board near you. In this lesson, we talk about how to preserve your aji, how to discover vital points and engineer double threats, and we investigate some common patterns of play which you can use in your own games…

An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: Exciting ko fight – Tuo Jiaxi vs Kim Jiseok


Younggil is going to show you a game played between Kim Jiseok 9p and Tuo Jiaxi 9p from the CCTV Chinese New Year Cup final. The game was interesting from the beginning, and there’s new pattern on the right side that’s even new for Younggil…

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Park Junghwan – 2013 Samsung Cup


This is game 2 from the 2013 Samsung Cup group stage. The game was played between Gu Li and Park Junghwan on September 4, 2013, in Shanghai, China. Gu Li and Park Junghwan were both in group H, along with Yuki Satoshi and Liao Xingwen…

Go Commentary: Park Junghwan vs Kim Jiseok – 19th LG Cup


This is game 3 from the 19th LG Cup Final. The game was played between Park Junghwan 9p and Kim Jiseok 9p on February 12, 2015, in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, Korea…