Commented Go Games

Are you looking for Go commentary and analysis? Then you're in the right place. This is a list of all the professional Go games commented by Go Game Guru's An Younggil 8p, and more. Review, download and enjoy!

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Iyama Yuta – 24th Fujitsu Cup

This is a commentary of the game between Gu Li (9p) and Iyama Yuta (9p) in the 24th Fujitsu Cup. These two also played together recently in the final of the 1st Bosai Cup, in China May 2011. At that time, Iyama defeated Gu Li and took the title. Even though Iyama’s play in that game was wonderful, lots of Go fans still thought the result was some sort of fluke. However, this time it should be different, because Iyama’s play seems to be getting even better.

Go Commentary: Joanne Missingham vs Park Jieun – 16th Samsung Cup

This game is from a preliminary match in the 16th Samsung Cup, between Joanne Missingham (5p) and Park Jieun (9p). These two played a game in the final of the Bingsheng Cup last September (2010), and Park won that game to take the title. Jieun is one of the strongest female players in Korea, along with Rui Naiwei (9p) and Cho Hyeyeon (9p). On the other hand, Joanne must be the strongest female player in Taiwan and she has had good results lately.

Go Commentary: Hane Naoki vs Yamashita Keigo – 66th Honinbo

This is a commentary of the last game of the 66th Honinbo title match. Yamashita won first three games, but Hane won next three games and made it a tie at 3-3. In general, we could expect Hane to win from this position in a reverse sweep. Anyway, let’s review the final game of the 66th Honinbo final and see what happened.

Go Commentary: Xie He vs Lee Sedol – 8th Chunlan Cup

This game is the third and deciding match of the 8th Chunlan Cup final between Lee Sedol (9p) of Korea and Xie He (7p) of China. Lee Sedol once said “Xie He is the toughest one to play against” in an interview about 5 years ago. Let’s see whether that’s changed or not. In this game (game three) as well as game two, Lee played a new pattern starting with 18 in the top right.

Go Commentary: Baek Hongseok vs Kong Jie – 23rd Asian TV Cup

This is a commentary of the final game of the the 23rd Asian TV Cup. Black is Baek Hongseok from Korea, and white is Kong Jie from China. Kong won the Asian TV Cup for the last two years in a row, and this is third time he has won it. On the other hand, it’s first time Baek Hongseok has been in the final of this title. I hope you enjoy the commentary and the game.

Go Commentary: Baoxiang Bai vs Hironori Hirata – 32nd WAGC 2011

This is a commentary of a top game from the 32nd World Amateur Go Championship in Japan. Bai (China) is a 20 year old young guy, and Hirata (Japan) is 84. Hirata used to be one of the four great amateur players in Japan. Bai swept all 8 of his games and won the tournament. Hirata’s score was 6-2 after losing this game, and he was ranked in 5th place. However, it’s still amazing as he is 84 years old. I can’t imagine how he can play so beautifully at his age.

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Iyama Yuta – 1st Bosai Cup

This game was the final of the Bosai Cup between Gu Li (9p) and Iyama Yuta (9p). Both players defeated Lee Sedol (9p) before this game. Iyama played this game wonderfully. White 112 was the winning move. Iyama’s endgame was perfect, and Gu didn’t get any chances afterwards. This game should be one of Iyama’s best games, I’m sure.

Go Commentary: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li – 3rd BC Card Cup Game 5

This is a commentary of the fifth and final game from the finals of the 3rd BC Card Cup, between Lee Sedol (9p) and Gu Li (9p). This game had less fighting than the other games in the series, but was more subtle and delicate than their earlier matches.

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol – 3rd BC Card Cup Game 4

This is a commentary of the fourth game from the finals of the 3rd BC Card Cup, between Gu Li (9p) and Lee Sedol (9p). A fight began at move 20, and the fighting never stopped until almost the end of the game. Both players are infighters, and games between them are always interesting and full of excitement and tension.

Go Commentary: Park Younghun vs Lee Changho – 12th Maxim Cup

This game is the second and last game of 12th Maxim Cup final, between Park Younghun and Lee Changho. It was a relatively peaceful game, and there weren’t any big fights, but if you look deeper, it’s a really interesting and fun game, as it was close throughout. You can see both players’ great endgame skills and accurate counting in byoyomi.