Commented Go Games

Are you looking for Go commentary and analysis? Then you're in the right place. This is a list of all the professional Go games commented by Go Game Guru's An Younggil 8p, and more. Review, download and enjoy!

Go Commentary: Kim Jiseok vs Gu Li – 3rd BC Card Cup

This was one of the most exciting and complicated games so far in the 3rd BC Card Cup. The game was played between Kim Jiseok (7p) of Korea and Gu Li (9p) of China. Both players are well known as infighters, and it shows in this game. Gu Li’s career so far is far better than Kim Jiseok’s, but Kim is far younger and is a rising star in Korea. Enjoy the game!

Go Commentary: Rui Naiwei vs Park Jieun – 9th Jeongganjang Cup

Here is a commentary of the exciting deciding match in the 9th Jeonganjang Cup. Rui Naiwei (9d) beat three Korean female players in a row and faced Park Jieun (9d). They are both the captains of their respective national teams, so it was a real 9 dan showdown. They are both great female Go players.

Go Commentary: Rui Naiwei vs Cho Hyeyeon – 12th Female Myeongin

This is a commentary of the final game of the Female Myeongin Cup in Korea. It was played between Rui Naiwei and Cho Hyeyeon on February 18, 2011. Rui won this game, taking the best of three match and the title for the seventh consecutive time. Rui is getting older, but I think she’s still the top professional Go player amongst female Go players in the world.

Go Commentary: Lee Changho vs Won Seongjin – 24th Fujitsu Cup

Here is a game commentary of the recent game between Lee Changho and Won Seongjin. Lee resigned this game when he was winning, but even when Lee resigned, the game was almost finished, and Won already knew he’d lose the capturing race. It’s unbelievable that Lee misread an easy move. Go fans will miss Lee’s games in the 24th Fujitsu Cup.

Go Commentary: Kong Jie vs Choi Cheolhan – 12th Nongshim Cup

Here is a commentary of the final match of the 12th Nongshim Cup (2011). The players are Choi Cheolhan (9 dan – white) of Korea and Kong Jie (9 dan) of China. Choi won by resignation and took home the Nongshim Cup for Korea. We hope you enjoy this game.

Go Commentary: Lee Sedol vs Lee Changho – 6th Price Information Cup

Go lovers always look forward to watching the game between ‘Living Legend’ Lee Changho and ‘mythical’ Lee Sedol, and there was a poll about this final on the one of Go websites in Korea. 49% of people anticipated Changho to win the final by 2:1, and 23% of people expected Sedol to win by 2:1. However, in the result, Sedol won by 2:0. Only 15% of people anticipated the result correctly.

Go Commentary: Lee Changho vs Lee Sedol – 6th Price Information Cup

A game review with commentary of Lee Sedol and Lee Changho’s game in the 6th Price Information Cup. The game was played on 1 September 2010, at the Baduk TV Studio in Bundang. Sedol beat Changho by resignation in 280 moves.