Go Commentary: Xie Yimin vs Li He – 2nd Huading Cup


This game was played between Xie Yimin 6p and Li He 5p, in the final round of the 2nd Huading Cup. Xie Yimin 6p was the captain of Team Japan. She’s undisputedly the best female professional in Japan. Li He 5p was the captain of Team China. She won the Female Xinren Wang (Rookies’ Cup) three times…

Weekly Go problems: Week 91


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Taking a liberty directly isn’t the only way to win a capturing race. Intermediate Go problem: White looks well and truly alive, but there’s a fatal flaw in his shape. Hard Go problem: Black has a brilliant tesuji combination to reduce white’s liberties…

Go Commentary: Kim Jiseok vs Lee Sedol – 18th GS Caltex Cup Final – Game 3


This is the third game of the 18th GS Caltex Cup final, between Kim Jiseok and Lee Sedol. It was played on April 22, 2013. Kim Jiseok won the first two games of the best of five final on April 16 and 17, so he only had to win this game to win the 18th GS Caltex Cup. Both Lee and Kim like fighting, but Kim is more of an infighter…

Weekly Go problems: Week 90


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Sometimes you can live by exploiting a shortage of liberties. Intermediate Go problem: There’s more than one way to attack this shape. As the situation changes, you should be flexible. Hard Go problem: Black can preserve his own liberties and live, but only with exquisite move order.

Weekly Go problems: Week 89


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: It looks like white has plenty of eye shape, but is that really the case? Intermediate Go problem: Sometimes you can stop your opponent taking a vital point without playing there yourself. Hard Go problem: Force white into a familiar shape and use what you’ve learned to capture the corner…

Go Commentary: Fan Tingyu vs Park Junghwan – 7th Ing Cup Final – Game 4


This is the 4th game from the 7th Ing Cup final, between Park Junghwan and Fan Tingyu. Fan won the first game and the third games, and was leading the best of five series 2-1 at this point. With the score at 2-1 in Fan’s favor, the pressure was now on Park to win the next game, just to stay in the final…

Weekly Go problems: Week 88


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Black can win the capturing race if black knows tesuji. Intermediate Go problem: When dealing with a familiar shapes, it’s important to pay attention to liberties and cutting points. Hard Go problem: The surrounding position can also affect the life and death status of groups…

Weekly Go problems: Week 87


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: With some experience, black’s first move should become reflexive. Intermediate Go problem: Save as many of black’s stones as you can. Hard Go problem: If reducing eyespace from the outside doesn’t work, the next thing you should try is a placement on the vital point…

Weekly Go problems: Week 86


Here are the weekly Go problems for week 86. Black plays first in all problems and all solutions are labeled ‘correct’. Have fun! Easy Go problem There are five different ways for black to defend his stone on the second line. Each one serves a special purpose in the right circumstances. Download the solutions to […]

Weekly Go problems: Week 85


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Black should be able to win this capturing race. Intermediate Go problem: Under normal circumstances black would be in trouble here. Hard Go problem:
White’s just struck at the vital point. Try to resist, but be careful not to end up short of liberties…