Weekly Go problems: Week 88


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Black can win the capturing race if black knows tesuji. Intermediate Go problem: When dealing with a familiar shapes, it’s important to pay attention to liberties and cutting points. Hard Go problem: The surrounding position can also affect the life and death status of groups…

Weekly Go problems: Week 87


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: With some experience, black’s first move should become reflexive. Intermediate Go problem: Save as many of black’s stones as you can. Hard Go problem: If reducing eyespace from the outside doesn’t work, the next thing you should try is a placement on the vital point…

Weekly Go problems: Week 86


Here are the weekly Go problems for week 86. Black plays first in all problems and all solutions are labeled ‘correct’. Have fun! Easy Go problem There are five different ways for black to defend his stone on the second line. Each one serves a special purpose in the right circumstances. Download the solutions to […]

Weekly Go problems: Week 85


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Black should be able to win this capturing race. Intermediate Go problem: Under normal circumstances black would be in trouble here. Hard Go problem:
White’s just struck at the vital point. Try to resist, but be careful not to end up short of liberties…

Weekly Go problems: Week 84


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem; Black can decisively win the capturing race with a single move. Intermediate Go problem: White’s short of liberties, but so are you. Hard Go problem: There are only a few possible moves. Don’t give up too early.

Classic Go Games: Fujisawa Hosai vs Go Seigen

Fujisawa Hosai vs Go Seigen - Game 2 of their first jubango (ten game match).

This was the second game in a ten game match between Fujisawa Hosai and Go Seigen. It was played on February 25 and 26, 1943. Go Seigen is regarded as the greatest Go player in the history of Go. We refer to him as a ‘living legend’ in Korea. Next year (in 2014), he’ll celebrate his 100th birthday…

Weekly Go problems: Week 83


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Black’s position looks miserable, but you can turn things around with a beautiful tesuji. Intermediate Go problem: Don’t just try to cut white’s stones, try to capture them. Hard Go problem: Finding the first move is the only hard part this week…

Weekly Go problems: Week 82


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: It might look like black’s under attack and white’s flexible, but there’s a crucial defect in white’s shape. Intermediate Go problem: When there are two places where you’d like to defend at once, you can sometimes prepare a makeshift defense in sente…

Weekly Go problems: Week 81


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: Black can paralyze white with a single blow to the vital point. Intermediate Go problem: To defend against a double threat you need a double defense. Hard Go problem: If you can find black’s beautiful tesuji, you can avoid the fiendish variations…

Go Commentary: Won Seongjin vs Shi Yue – 17th LG Cup Final


This is the second game of the 17th LG Cup final, between Won Seongjin and Shi Yue. Shi Yue won the first game, so he only had to win this game to win the LG Cup. Won likes solid, thick games and he’s good at attacking. Shi likes territorial games, but his game is well balanced at the same time…