Why the Go book shop hasn’t reopened yet

[Update: Our shop is now open and you can buy Go books here.]

A few people contacted me recently wanting to buy Go books and asked when our Go book shop would be open again. It’s been a few weeks since we temporarily closed the shop, so I’d like to explain what’s going on.

What’s happening with the Go book shop?

Bernard Black contemplates the task of having to buy more book in British TV comedy 'Black Books'.

In late June 2011 we opened a trial shop to see if we could fund the promotion of Go through selling Go books and other items online. The response from readers was very positive and we’ve been working to get more Go books since then.

Even though we made arrangements with some Go book suppliers and distributors before the trial started, those arrangements have turned out to be unsatisfactory. Because of that we’ve had to make new plans and it’s taking some time to get everything organized.

Why we’re spending extra time now

We think that spending some extra time now will be better in the long run, because it will let us:

  • Ensure a reliable supply of Go books
  • Reduce costs for customers
  • Improve delivery speed, costs and options.

You can also click buy Go books to visit the book shop. That page will tell you whether there’s stock or not.

Black Books

The image above is from the fantastic British comedy series Black Books. In this episode Manny (Bill Bailey) sells all the books and Bernard (Dylan Moran) is very upset:

Bernard: Where’s all the books?
Manny: What?
Bernard: Where’s all the books?
Manny: Oh, I’ve sold them.
Bernard: Oh, Jesus. You know what that means? It means I have to go and ring the ordering place and you have no idea how incredibly boring and complicated that is.
Bernard: (Dials the phone) Hello? Is this the place where you order books from when you want to sell them from your book shop?

And don’t worry, that’s not what we’re doing… 🙂

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  1. Hi david!!! Your page is amazing and the tutorials too!! You will sell go boards? Because here in mexico i cant find go boards >.< and i would love it to have a go board!!! Thank you david!!! Cya!!!!

    • David Ormerod says:

      Thanks Paco, glad you like our site! We are starting off selling Go books because it’s less complicated. If things go well we’ll think about selling Go boards and stones too.

  2. elementc says:

    I think you could still order from a place like YMImports or maybe Yutopian from wherever you are in Mexico. Both are in the US, so it’s worth a try.