Want to improve your Go and see China? Shanghai Go Camp 2011

Old meets new: Shanghai by night

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Antonio Egea. Antonio was the Spanish representative to the 31st World Amateur Go Championships in Hangzhou, China. If you’d like to write a guest post on Go Game Guru, please contact us.]

If you’re like most Go players, you dream of getting just one, three or even ten stones stronger. Have you also wondered what it would be like to see China, with all its ancient history, its modern marvels and, of course, Go? Do you wish you could play Go in China?

Improve you Go skills while experiencing China

Since you’re here, I know you’re interested in Go. But what would you say if I told you that you could improve your Go skills while making friends and discovering Shanghai, one of China’s most amazing cities and cultural centers? If you’re anything like me, you would say “when can I start?”

The sun sets on Hangzhou’s world famous “West Lake”

I have already been to Shanghai. Last year I played in a tournament in a nearby city, Hangzhou, and met the Shanghainese people who helped organize it all. Now they are organizing their own Go Camp. Will I go back again this year? Of course I will. Why, you may ask? Simply because that was the best holiday I have ever had in my life, and this year, I know it will be even better!

The Team

Let me tell you about the people who are making this possible. They are a 20 person team including Chinese professionals, 6 dan and 5 dan Chinese amateur Go players. Don’t forget that a Chinese 6 dan is easily at the 9 dan level on most Go servers (for example on KGS). This team of players have won the Chinese team championships over ten times.

Sun Yuan 3p – Shanghai Go Camp teacher

So, these guys really know their Go and can really help you improve quickly. They are the mind, body and spirit behind this Camp. So we have a Go camp in one of the most iconic cities of China, with delicious food and the most famous nightlife. All this guided by people who can guarantee they will help you improve your Go skills and have a great time. Do you still have any doubts? Chinese is very difficult, of course… and you needn’t worry about that at all because the team can speak fluent English.

Your Itinerary

They have an intensive schedule planned: Go in the mornings and early afternoon and spare time for the rest of the day (with a lot of variety, of course).

Zhao Fan (5 dan) – Shanghai Go Camp teacher

How long will it be? The camp runs for three weeks between June 24th and July 18th, with the possibility of adjusting it to your schedule.


But three weeks of just non-stop Go? I love Go, that sounds very good, but you are going to China after all… Wouldn’t you like to discover Shanghai and some surrounding cities? The team plans to host excursions, sports, karaoke and to take you to visit local Go clubs and nearby cities like the beautiful Hangzhou and Nanjing. There will be plenty of time to see the sites, try the local cuisine and find great souvenirs to buy. Go friends are friends that will last forever. With this in mind, these are the main objectives of the organizers:

  • To help you improve at Go, with the upcoming European and American Go Congresses in mind
  • For you to make new friends with Go players from all around the world
  • For you to discover the mysteries of Chinese culture and the Chinese style of Go
  • To let you see and experience China for yourself.

Shanghai International Studies University campus

The Venue: Shanghai International Studies University

The camp will be hosted at the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), a wonderful environment for many reasons. SISU has great accommodation, plenty of young people, Chinese food, sports and other activities and, of course, affordable prices.

Join me in China this summer. If you do, you’ll achieve much more than just improving your Go. This summer will be an unforgettable experience for all.

Early bird special price

For the next two weeks only, you can get a 50 Euro discount on your booking for Shanghai Go Camp 2011. To take advantage of this offer, simply mention this article and ask for the special price when making your booking. Don’t miss out, this offer expires on March 20 (Beijing time) 2011.

Find out more

To find out more about Shanghai Go Camp and its teachers, venue and prices:

[This article has been published as a public service. Go Game Guru is in no way affiliated with Shanghai Go Camp and, should you choose to attend, derives no monetary benefit from it.]

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