Go Commentary: Mi Yuting vs Lee Changho – 4th BC Card Cup

This game is from the round of 32 in the 4th BC Card Cup. It’s between Lee Changho 9p and Mi Yuting 3p.

Lee Changho (9 dan, left) and Mi Yuting (3 dan) review the game.

Lee Changho is one of the most well known players in the world, but he’s not in very good form these days.

On the other hand, Mi Yuting is a newbie for Go fans. He’s very young, but he’s a rising star in China.

Mi Yuting was born in 1996, so he’s more than twenty years youngger than Lee Changho.

In the previous round, Mi defeated Park Junghwan 9p and it was sensational because Park is currently ranked number 2 in Korea, just behind Lee Sedol 9p

Let’s review the game.

Commented game record

Mi Yuting vs Lee Changho


Download SGF File (Go Game Record)


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  1. Frederik says:

    Thanks for the commentary, helped me appreciate how beautiful this game is 🙂

  2. Thanks for the commentary. I’m always thought this game was one-sided since the joseki at upper left, but I realised it wasn’t so!

    Just wondering, why do you think Lee Changho has been losing so many games recently? Like the recent few world tournaments. Is it because of age? Or is it simply because the young people are getting too strong?

    • An Younggil 8p says:

      I think it’s because Lee Changho is not in good form. He seems to be very exhausted both physically and mentally, so he needs to have a rest for a while. He will be back one day in the near future hopefully. 😀

      • Also he got married recently, so maybe he doesn’t focus as much on Go as he used to 😉 And when we say he’s not doing so well any more, he still got to the finals of lots of tournaments but then lost at that stage; for most players that would be a great achievement, but because Lee has had such a phenomenal career already we continue to expect so much of him.

  3. great commentary!

  4. Thanks Mr younggil. I insist that you should make a paper book with all this reviews. I have a question… Why white didn’t play at k7 in the move 108? You said that black is solid enough, but I don’t understand why white can’t continue the attack.

    • An Younggil 8p says:

      That’s a good question. If W plays at K7, B’d jump attach at K8. W’d continue with J8, B J7, W J6, B H7, W L8, B K6, W L7, B J5, W H6, B G6, W H5, and B G7. Because of the cutting point at F9, W wouldn’t succeed to capture the big group.
      There should be many variations, but unfortunately, none of them would be successful for W.

  5. The chinese is one of the top tygem players isn´t he?

  6. This shows the incredible judgment that pros have. The balance between the unsettled groups is very delicate. Thank you very much for the commentary. I do however have a question. If B had played K4 instead of D2 would the game still be close or would B have a better position?

  7. Oh, you finally commented a game by one of the young chinese masters. So interesting! When I watched this game first time, I was astonished by fight in upper left corner.
    By the way, in comment to move 57 you said it’s better to capture 4 stones in ladder with k14, and then d10 and b16 are miai for Black. But what if White answers c16? If Black still plays d10, W can cut c11. And if B doesn’t play d10, W can isolate him at left side. It doesn’t seem good for B.

    • David Ormerod says:

      Maybe Younggil has a better answer, but…

      How about if black plays atari at E10 (after white C16 for move 58)? F11 and C10 are miai for white. If white cuts under at C11, then B F11, W D10, B G12, W takes ko at E11.

      It’s a capturing race with a ko and it seems a little bit heavy for white to me. Black only needs two ko threats. The first one is at B14 and white shouldn’t answer, but if white does, black N17 is the second threat. My reading is that N17 followed by N18 works despite the atari at M16. White can’t use the ladder as a ko threat because black will ignore it and win the ko.

      If white doesn’t make the ko (playing D10 at G12 instead), black sacrifices with B C10 and B10, then plays J11. What do you think?

      P.S. We need to make an easy way to do diagrams in the comments :).

      • Or B can simply use B14 and B10 to live on the edge

      • W can avoid a ko and capture the B stones cleanly after E10 C11 B14,. B11 is not useful since B must connect at B12 and w has time to play G12

        • David Ormerod says:

          Right Tony, my plan was to sacrifice starting with atari at D10 if white plays to capture with something like B14.

          Black could keep sente and invade the lower left at 3-3 next, or capture the ladder instead to clean things up.

          It seems playable to me and I prefer sacrificing to trying to live on the side in this case.

      • An Younggil 8p says:

        Thanks for your very good explanation, David.
        The same idea as mine.

      • “If white doesn’t make the ko (playing D10 at G12 instead), black sacrifices with B C10 and B10, then plays J11. What do you think?”
        I think W will play this way, he gets 30 points in corner (including possibility of endgame H17 J13 G16 later, or even more valuable ladder breaker at right side) and sente. Sure Black got a lot of influence, but he has no territory at all, and W can play K4 right now. I’d feel comfortable as W in this position.

        • An Younggil 8p says:

          That’s reasonable. I agree to your opinion. I thought capturing four stones should be better, but it seems to be more complicated than I expected. So we can say B57 was alright. 😀

        • David Ormerod says:

          Fair enough Flandre. Still, sacrificing in a tight situation and getting something back is better than living and taking a loss anyway :). It’s the best variation I can see once the game has reached that position. I wouldn’t feel that bad playing as black or white.

          • If B takes the four stones on the outside and lives small on the side has he really lost so much? I wouldn’t have thought so, but my judgement is often poor in these matters

  8. bakekoq says:

    omg.I can’t imagine it.How can white’s group at the left bottom alive and white’s center is dead (later when I look up closely, I figure out that white is dead, sorry).. my rank is still can’t caught up this game.Pro player game is really scary yeah?btw,at the move 118, I thought that white’s group is dead there..

  9. Frédéric says:

    Thank you Mr. Younggil, it’s sad for lee changho but he’s very strong yet. http://gokifu.com/s/xnp-gokifu-20120505-Lee_Changho(9p)-Lee_Wondo(4p).html

  10. bakekoq says:

    Can white be alive with L2 if white don’t resign at #185? at least with that white can get an eye at the first line? or Am I wrong?